Chang Mai to Pai and/or Chang Rai on a scooter

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm considering renting two 125cc scooters in Chang Mai this October (the misses doesn't ride a 'real' bike) to make the trip to Pai and/or Chang Rai.

    Has anyone ever made that trip on a little scooter? Is it doable, and how long would either route take?

    Thanks a bunch,
  2. Phil "Feel the noise" & I did that run to Pai in May on a Wave 125 & a PCX. No problem - we had no rain on the way there & it poured down all the way back. Depends how fast you go! The road is twisty & if wet a lot of the corners are slippery (or they were) allow a day for it - steady ride there, there are a few nice coffee stops en route & a steady ride back. You'll easy do it in a day. ChiangRai from ChiangMai also quite easy in a day, we rode from 50 kilometres further than ChiangRai & did it easy in 5hours even including coffee & lunch stops on the way. If you've not ridden in Thailand before, just go a bit slower until you learn to adapt to the "standard" of driving here! Have a safe trip!
  3. David, thanks! That's great to hear.

    I figure we'll spend the night in Pai and head back the next day, should be fun!
  4. That sounds a better idea! Pai has loads of accomodation available at various standards & prices. I found it a bit "one horse" when I stayed there last but liked it just the same.

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