Change Of Plans

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    We will meet at the Jet Gas station (PTT) on the Nong Khai Hwy on Saturday the 18th at 0900 hours. Hopefully we will be riding up with the slow rider and Eagle Rider group. Should be fun.

    My uderstanding is we will attend the Long Boat races during the day and go to the party that evening.

    The hotel we are staying at is:

    Sai Ngoen Resort (ทรายเงิน รีสอร์ท) 149 Bueng Kan – Phang Khon Road, one kilometre from Bueng Kan Market. Tel. 0 4249 1833-4, Fax: 0 4249 1055. 33 rooms: 300 – 500 Baht.

    This 2 Klms from the center of town, don't know where the bike week party is yet. The rooms have aircon and western toilets. Cost is 400 baht per night.

    Haven't made plans for the return might do a bit of sight seeing in the Buen Kan area on Sunday, supposed to be a cliff area close nearby that is definetly worth a look. Short trip home so we have time.

    Nothing etched in stone yet, for the return.


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