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Nov 7, 2005

Hi Pico
Sorry for not answering before but I was busy with my Lambretta Stuff. If I understood right You have some problems with the variator belt. I have never heard about any slippery sensor warning. I think the Suzuki CVT had one sensor but I am not sure about what warning it pops up with. If You are worried about an eventual slippery, can’t You hear/feel that your self. I mean that on a normal hand operated clutch bike You surely feel and hear when the clutch gives up.
Anyhow from these spare parts pictures of Your bike You can easily understand that he transmission cannot be very suitable for side car pushing even if Honda is less complicated than the Suzuki Burgman I did’t want to post the pictures for Suzuki because they were to complicated….



I understood from Your earlier info that you already have tried the Malossi Products. Malossi Spa has been specializing in the last 20 years in Scooters and they have some products for the Silver Wing check up the X Kevlar belt - X Special belt. For some strange reason their catalogue does not include the Silver Wing but I think it is a mistake. They also provide the MAXI FLY CLUTCH ® - Automatic clutch for Silver Wing and probably their engineers can modify it to meet your requirements if You just contact them.

But to say it frankly, the Silver Wing as well as all other automatic scooters are not under any circumstances suitable sidecar power houses what so ever modifications you will do.

There are two different ways to enjoy three wheeling. One is the way You and many other have done it. Put a sidecar beside Your existing bike and drive accepting the rather demanding handling of Your vehicle and drive at your own speed You can never go fast with an equipage like that. With the automatic transmission You lose the fantastic touch of accelerating out of the right hand corners and balancing the sidecar in the air in the left hand corners. Great fun!!!

If you want to experience real Sidecar Driving buy a Dutch EML equipage. They have thirty years of experience of sidecars and lately they have started to manufacture Trikes also.

You bring Your own bike there and after a week Your bike is converted into a real three wheeler. They even give You one days training on a racing circuit with a Side car champion. They do not have any outfits for automatic Scooters..

I have been driving quite a lot with EML:s and it is incredible how fast you can drive in the corners. On roads with a little bumpy asphalt you can easily leave the R1:s etc behind You, and that hurts…..

Check up the EML homepages and then You will know what I am talking about. I will post one Picture of a EML just to give the readers an idea about what an EML is.


HIKO-HIKO (maybe I should change my name to this so it matches Yours
Oct 17, 2006
Hiko, I like it short, Hiko, pls dont change your personality because , who am I ?? :))

The reason why my nick is pico-pico is because is my web site ... 08DAA.html The PICO domain was taken already.

Thanks again for so much time and effort to answer my question.

I now truelly understand, that I ought to extremly happy with the performance. After all my little Silver Wing 600cc was pulling a total weight of 420kg ( certified police scale) incl. side car, passenger plus 200 l of luggage when we were cruising 5000km Phuket -Golden Triangle.

I can assure you at times I ve been driving this thing off road along the Burmese border under conditions which only a naive driver can get himself into, who belives in his own invincibility.

So what I am complaining about ?? I guess I´m simply too demanding. Will stop it now and forever. Your picture of varitor says it all.
( I must have an automatic, because I got a bad leg, the side car is a wonderfully disguised handicapped necessitity, could not hold the bike upright. The side car not an EML but an EZS from Holland, pulled it up to 130 not wobbling, steady as a rock also off road. 150 would have been easily possible but the road.......
Oct 17, 2006
HIKO, I checked , after the trip up North I got everything from Malossi varoator, maxi clutch. The only thing I was not aware of that there is a Malossi belt, the missing link!!! >thanks ! I m trying to order right now.

Apr 23, 2007

Originally posted by HIKO


I maybe quite suitable to answer your question or at least “enlighten”it a little since I have 27 bikes here in Thailand at the moment the range covering anything from Kawasaki KSR 110cc to a Honda Valkyrie 1500cc.

As a former MC-dealer I also have sold about 20.000 motorcycles during some years som I regard myself competent to address your question even If my advice in the end will be go and buy a bike that you like and forget all others advices….

Wow, what an interesting read. If you could next write something
about Ducati sportbikes ... Mmm, that'd be an interesting
read I'm sure.

Currently on a old Honda vfr 400, mostly due to economics, but also appreciating the fact that a Ducati 749 or 996 might not be the best choice for a novice on his first real motorocycle, ignoring the
suzuki/kawasaki/etc 50cc's some of us used to tinker with as kids. ;-)


Nov 5, 2003
Not much wrong with a VFR 400. It came 5th in it's category in Bikes The Greatest 50 Motorcycles. Looks, Handling and exotic gear driven camshaft whine I think is what they said. 746 got a spot but not the 996!!