Changing from Invoice to legal Registration?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but I couldn't find it...

    I bought a 95' Harley Dyna Low Riderearlier this year. It's fine to ride with just the invoice up here in the North of Thailand, but I would like to go other places like Bangkok, etc. too, so I am thinking about getting it legally registered.
    What would be my cheapest option? I know prices for registering bikes seem to depend on who you are talking to. I've heard anywhere from 35000 Baht to 100000 Baht in the past. Any suggestions and reliable person to go through?
  2. You could do it yourself, take it to Morchit with all papers , get it inspected and apply for the Reg, it may take a day or two, and u need a THAI speaker and reader with you, A guy from Bangkok rider did it with a VMAX in ONE DAY!, look on their forum.

  3. Whow, that sounds great Jerrry, what kind of money do you look at if you do it yourself?
    I looked on Bangkok Riders, but haven't been able to find the post you are refering to. Where abouts is it?
  4. Hi Jerry,
    On second thought, I hate dealing with Thai Government burocrats. You can't even imagine the things I want to do with them, when I have to sit in a motor vehicle office ;-)
    I see from one of your old post, that you are a partner in Wranglers HD. Do you guys register Harley's for people and how much would it be? If so, do I have to bring my bike down to Bangkok or is there an EASIER way?
    I have no problems riding it up here, but heard that taking it down South, I might have big problems without proper registration? I only have the invoice.
    I'd like to ride down to Hat Yai sometime (I'm in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai Province). A buddy of mine is a rider and has a dive shop on Koh Lipe. He has a garage where I can leave my bike, before I go on the ferry to go diving. Sounds like fun, but how much trouble would it be without proper registration?
  5. I am no longer a partner in Wranglers ,they could do it but it takes time and costs about 60,000+

    To do it yorself would cost less maybe 40,000,

    I am working in Singapore now.

  6. Hi

    I am new to this forum although I've lurked for a while. It's certainly been a good source of info for avoiding some of the many problems associated with owning a bike in Thailand. I wish I'd discovered it earlier.

    Like Kurt the op, I'm wanting to travel further afield and I'm thinking of getting proper registration for my XJR. So far I've had no joy trying to find someone to help me in Khon Kaen. What's the Govt department in Morchit called? Is it ok to ride an unregd bike to the centre or would I need to arrange transport for it?
  7. Hi Jerry,
    Is there a way of doing it through someone without bringing the bike down to Bangkok? ;-)
    I don't mind paying a little more, for not dealing with the headaches and not loosing out on riding.
    How do you like it in Singapore?
  8. I am sure that some shops or agents can sort u out but I am no longer in the loop, Morchit is the central Land transport office for Bangkok and Thailand = motor vehicle registrations etc.
    Singapore is nice but as I am working 12-15 hour days I have not seen much

  9. Thanks Jerry and good luck in Singapore

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