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  1. Hi

    I have a discussion with a colleague about what rules apply when changing lanes on the road.

    If I'm driving down a road with two lanes in the same direction, and I want to change lane, what exactly do I have to do according to the law? All I found is, that I have to signal at least 60 meters before changing lanes, but nowhere does it say, that I have to make sure that I will not be of danger. I find this really hard to believe.

    Can someone help me out?


    Section 36 (500B)
    [When a driver is to turn the vehicle, let another vehicle to overtake, change traffic lane, reduce speed or stop the vehicle, he shall display hand signal (Section 37) or light signal (Section 3. When the condition doesn't permit the visibility of hand signals (like at night), he must use the light signal.

    The driver must display the hand signal or light signal not less distance than 60m before turning the vehicle, changing traffic lane, or stopping the vehicle.

    The hand signal or light signal must be visible to other drivers at not less distance than 60m.]

    Section 38 (500B)
    The driver of an automobile or motorcycle shall display light signals as follows:
    a. to stop the vehicle, ...
    b. to turn the vehicle or change traffic lane, ...
    c. to let another vehicle to overtake, the driver shall display amber light signal for turning or blinking red or amber light signal at the back and to the left of the vehicle.
  2. I think I might have found the answer:
    Section 43 (400-1000B)
    No driver shall drive the vehicle:
    a. while being incompetent to drive
    b. while being intoxicated by liquor or other alcoholic drinks
    c. in a manner that obstructs the traffic
    d. with carelessness or recklessness which may cause danger to persons or property
    e. in a manner not normally practiced in driving a vehicle or while unable to see the way in front or at the back or either/both sides clearly enough for safety
    f. beyond or on the line dividing traffic lanes, except upon changing lanes, turning or turning around the vehicle
    g. on a footpath without sufficient cause, except a baby-carriage or wheel-chair for sick or disabled persons
    h. without thinking about the safety or suffering of other persons.

    I think items d and h covers the fact, that you have to look behind you before changing lanes. It's not explicit, but it's the best I can do.
  3. "You think too much"
  4. TiT, just do what the locals do and wander about the road sabai sabai, mai pen rai wai
  5. You're riding in Thailand - go with the flow.

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