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    Anybody going to Chantaburi should not miss the quiet & relatively clean beaches Kung Wimarn, Laem Sadet and Chao-Lao. Don't expect nightlife a la Pattaya, Phuket or Samui but really friendly staff, cheap-basic-but good food and accomodation. For Beerbar lovers, that's not your place. Biking makes fun, no crowded roads, most paved, scenic driving.
    Coming from Bangkok via Klaeng, then on to Sukhumvit Road, 20kms before reaching "Chan" turn right onto road 3399, from there it's another 20 kms until you come to one of the beaches. Tha Mai (route 3352, also right hand side) is worth a visit, still a village with tradidtional wooden houses. Hills are on the left side of the Sukhumvit Road, many places and directions to go, waterfalls, scenic places,........Need good, moderate priced & clean accomodation, try at FaaSai Resort ( Farang co-owner, not directly on the beach but beautiful design, lots of green, quiet as not often found in Thailand.

    Happy biking............................
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  3. Hi Franz.just got back from Chantaburi.about 2 weeks ago.
    Its a lot different to the rest of Thailand,bit quiet.
    Lived there for 3 months a few years ago.but did get to go to all the beaches and temples.
    Went down to Trat and out to Ko Chang...good dirt bike territory
    Took a run out to soi dow.and then on to Sa Kao.from there went to the Cambodian border..a place called Arnayapatet
    Road was excellent all the way.
    Just wish the biking comutity was a bit more organised.down that way
    The nearest club i could find was in Pattaya.
    Mainly Harley riders.
    Chantaburi is not a raggey place.but there is a lot of good riding to be had.
    Hope to get back there soon...Regards KEV
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi Ivan, you come that way, you give me a mail, live in the middle of nowhere inbetween Rayong and Chonburi (Route 331), could do a weekend on our bikes together. See u, Franz
  5. Hi Franz..yes i know the area well.its not to far to chon buri.or pattaya.
    Iam not in Thailand at the moment.
    But intend to come back soon.
    Look forward to meeting you.and do a bit of riding.
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    Hi Franz ,

    i often blast down the 331 to warm up my tyres , wanna meet up for a run

  7. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi Jerry, sure, on Sat-Sundays I've got free time; could do so in September as next three weekends away in CNX and with my office staff, will send you my phonenumber by email. See u, franz
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    I rode to Chantanaburi from Pattaya back in January. Just got up 1 morning and fancied going somewhere I never been before so went there without too much planning. Think I ended up at Laem Singh, it had this little prison the French built when they occupied the area around the turn of the 19th/20th century. There was also some kind of dolphin show around there aswell. The beach was nothing special but I'd quite like to go back sometime and have a proper look round, maybe not on a CRM250 though this time, great fun for the 1st hour but soon gets very tiring.

    Heres the French prison that is called chicken shit prison in Thai - khee gai something. Apparently they put any Thais in there who didn't agree with the occupation. It had a wire mesh floor at the top that had chickens living on it who would crap on the inmates heads below. Think it was the prototype for some of the more basic backpacker guest houses now dotted around Thailand.


    I'm sure the ghost of 1 of those chickens dropped something onto my head while inside.


    Late afternoon on the beach.

  9. Franz

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    So here's some pictures from Chantaburi, first around Kung Wimarn beach:
    that's on the # 3399 crossroads Laem Sadet-Chao Lao // Kung Wimarn
    Kung Wimarn
    that's all around Kung Wimarn
    myself & Beemer
    Laem Sadet beach and on the road to Tha Mai.
    Enjoyed it very much. Franz
  10. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Found just another nice quiet resort on the southern end of Chaolao Beach, here's the weblink:, can drive over the first big bridge and stay on the same road now up to Laem Singh Beach as second bridge near Oasis Seaworld is finished, will post some fotos on my next trip in February. cheers Franz

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