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  1. Guys, talked to David Unk about this shelter and visited recently with the help of Ally who became now a fulltime employee. Would like to do a Charity ride for them, anyone in ? As a proposed date I would suggest the 12th of December. any thoughts ?? Could meet at the Cafe then head to the second meeting pick-up point at Kad Farang on CNX-Hang Dong Road and then to the shelter which is not far from the Samoeng Road. Visit the dogs, give donations, have a chat, cuddle some Wuff-Wuff's and then extend the run via the Samoengloop to Ian's X-Center for ending the day. Maybe some of you (Silverhawk I did not mean you :wink: ) might even take a heart and give some of those lovely dogs a new home................ :lol:

    Many positive replies are welcome :oops: , cheers, Franz
  2. Count me in, and the 12 th is OK.

    One of our family members was brought into our life from the hard work of the Care for Dogs crew!
  3. Franz

    Firstly I am stunned, then excited and very very happy.

    Thank you for taking time, showing your heart and giving others some inspiration to help.

    For a long time I have wondered if our biking community could do something. After all, there are far too many dogs on the streets and homeless looking for the next meal and pertenant to bikers, looking for the next road accident.

    Care for Dogs' main priority is to sterilise as many dogs as possible to reduce the massive over population. If riders were to raise 1) awareness & 2) some funds and the money effectively deployed on sterilising more dogs (after all that's my job !) then bikers in Chiang Mai could ride that much safer.

    And Colin would have less hassles too !

    Count me in for a ride , the 12th is my day off !


  4. If our bikes sorted then the wife and I will also take part.Have a keen interest in dogs since we aquired our Siberian Husky and couldnt think of a better cause to help
  5. Franz et al;

    Sorry for the late reply. There will be a Chiang Mai ToyRide event on December 12. We will be riding to Chiang Dao to contribute items to a village school. We have ordered classroom furniture to be delivered on that date plus coordinated this with the school. Sorry, we can't change our date. The starting time and meeting place will be announced.

    I am happy to see the response to Franz's post as this is also a good cause. Franz, suggestions??? :(
  6. Dave many thanks, of course we must pospone in this case, by one week ? Let's do it on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th, we let the posts decide, whatever day is the majority, we go ? I'm in for both dates !!
    Cheers, Franz
  7. Thanks Franz,

    As these are both worthy causes, I hope to see a good turn out for both.
  8. Both good worthy causes and if i had time and was in CM i would help out.

    Can i also draw your attention to a Charity event on November 21-22 for the Orphans of Moo ban Dek in Kanchanaburi.

    The DragonMCThailand are organising a bike week party to help raise funds for the boys and girls who need our help.
    Paul from Harley Tours is organising a trip down from Cm.
    We would love to see as many of you as possible.
    More information
  9. thaicbr-
    Thanks for the info. May I also suggest you post the same info as a "New Topic" in the 'Events' forum to make sure it is seen by everyone.
  10. Guys, this is still on, talked to some fellow riders:
    SATURDAY 19th December, Kad Farang Parking lot at 13:30.Meet at Kad Farang at 13:30, leave 13:45 to the dog shelter.
    For those who don't know, Kad Farang is on Chiang Mai - Hang Dong Road some 2 kms before Hang Dong on the left side.
    From here Ally will lead us to the dog shelter (only a 15 minutes drive). They will have a donation box there and we will have a walk around. Some might get a wish not only to donate but to adopt one of these misfortunate creatures, well Dave ? :lol: :wink:
    Once finished at the dogshelter, we're gonna do the Samoeng Loop which will end at about 17:30 at Ian's X-Center for a good dinner.
    Who's in toher than Ally, Dave & me ?
    Cheers, Franz
  11. Count me in as the old dog himself. :cry:
  12. Everyone is welcome to visit the shelter.

    But there is no pressure on you guys to beat the numbers of the MBSC (Motor Bike Story Club) KSR riders who visited us last month @ 30 bikes, certainly enjoyed their visit & put on an excellent show of bikes. :lol:

    See you all at Kad Farang !

  13. Time to challenge baby panda, aka Lin Ping, overwhelming popularity...
    We 'll meet you saturday 19th December, Kad Farang Parking lot at 13:30.
  14. Great guys, we might even have some members of our FIC (foreign investors club) members join :lol: . See you on Saturday !! Cheers, Franz
  15. Just a reminder gents

    Saturday 19th December, Kad Farang Parking lot at 13:30.
  16. Well I chatted with the residents at the shelter today, telling all 150 of them about some generous folks stopping by tomorrow afternoon & they all got a bit excited !

    Prepare yourselves for some happy barking !

  17. Thank you everyone for coming to the Care for Dogs shelter today & a special thank you to Franz for kicking this idea off in the first place.

    Here are a couple of pics of the day.




  18. Thanks to all the guys who turned up. It was a fun day & fascinating some of the stories that Ally told us.

    Care For Dogs is a good cause, & I was very happy to see 8,000 baht donated from the GT Riders who attended.

    Pee sorry about the flat tyre, but it was great to see you catch up at the X-Centre later for a few quiet ales. :lol:

    Ally glad you survived your little ditch excursion on the Samoeng Loop too. I did not fully understand the facts until much later in the evening (after the Jameson's kicked in.) :oops:
  19. When we arrived at the xcentre Franz explained to me with tears of laughter in his eyes that my bike isn't a dual sport cruiser and he fell about laughing at my antics of covering the full width of the road & occasionally a green patch or 2 as well. I was shocked!

    I really must try to forget the Dtracker when I am on the Dragstar, the difference being that corners need to be straighter with the dual sport and I do like my corners :wink:

  20. Things didn't really go as planned... A nail got in the way. Anyway we learned about the great work done by Care for Dogs.
    And thanks to the Care for Bikes Thai network we managed to catch up a bit later
    A day with surprise, no drama... A reminder that Thailand is such a great country.
    Thanks to all for this somehow unexpected however smooth day.
  21. Hi guys, a big thanks to everybody !! Especially to Ally who did a great job in introducing us to the daily problems the 'Wuff' center faces. Charity this time doesn't mean that anyone cannot donate during the whole of the year. :wink: . Website is above so anyone feels like it, please don't stop contributing. :p Ride via Samoeng was really funny especially when riding behind Ally on her big cruiser, this time she couldn't deny anything because evidence (big leaves of grass) were still attached to the underside of the Dragstar once we arrived at the X-Centre and the scratchmarks on footpegs & protection bars, well they will stay there for longer.... :? . A great day and as always a very nice get-together after the ride with David glued to the chair & Jameson glass :D ...5555....Cheers, Franz

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