Charity Ride To Phrao

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  1. Just been on an enjoyable day out with Breakfast Bikers Club here in Chiang Mai on a book donation run to Phrao. The video clip was the first minute into the ride, eyes in the back of your head! About 80 bikes or so left Thapae Gate Satuday morning but the bloke in front of me must have had palpatations with this incident, in front of him was John Gooding on his new Benelli and in front of him was Mr. 2Wheels on his new Rebel.

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  2. Exact same thing happened to me yesterday - Tuk Tuk right in front of Suan Dok - and he honked at me !
  3. You're calmer than I am. I would have hunted them down.
  4. Hi mate. That was me! Yes, it certainly was not the best start to the day, bearing in mind I'm a complete novice - this is my very first bike bought new 2 weeks the grand old age of 67! I never had a bike in the UK, but I had friends who lived on a farm & I had a few off-road goes on their bike when I was 12 years old - that being the last time on a bike prior to my recent purchase. This incident shook me up somewhat for the rest of the day, but fortunately no damage was done & I can add it to the very steep learning curve I'm on. Been out a couple of times I'm still smiling!
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  5. Just remember - everyone on the road is out to kill you.
    Be Aware. Beware.
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