Charming Mae Sai BAN DIN RESORT

Oct 17, 2006
Very romantic at first sight the guesthouses along the river in Mae Sai.
But I found I am too old to enjoy sleepless nights because of the wind blowing unhindered through the so-called walls of rattan. The charme got lost even more on me after observing that the Burmese were using the river as a garbage dump, pouring bag after bag into the water, 50 meter away from my so romantic place.

I found something really charming, round mud huts BAN DIN RESORT, but solid and nicely decorated and spacy , within rice fields , not easy to find.
Instead of 500 b in town I paid 300b
Bad , small signs , 089 757 5932 081 287 5344
I think I have the GPS data