Charty Ride Yasothon 14 June 2009

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  1. Ride plan form Udon to be posted later

    Hi Guys,

    I forward the attached email from Khun Bad, Khon Kaen.

    We are going to visit Ban Home Hug at Yasothon. It is a home for orpaned children.

    The trip will be sponsored by the TAT and for safety, led by the Tourist Police. The email below explains the purpose and timing of the visit, leaving from the City Pole Khon Kaen which is just past the main City gate, over the railway line on the RHS, near the fire station. Coming from the North on the Main No 2 highway, one turns left at the lights after the roadworks and just past the new Central Mall building, still under construction. Over the railway and bear right at the next lights you will see the square and the City Pole building. Turn right at the fire station and right again into the car parking area.

    We expect a good number of riders including guys from Harley Davidson Bangkok.

    Anyone who wishes to go direct say from Udon to Yasothon of course is very welcome and I can provide details of the location of the childrens home.

    The web site is worth a visit, but is in Thai.

    This should be a great trip and will be a big thing for those needy children. Please support if you can and do pass on to any contacts you have who may like to join. They are of course welcome to come by car if they wish.

    Do contact me if you have any queries

    Best regards,

    John Gooding

    It is social responsibility that Khon Kaen Riders will deliver when it's possible. To do so, we're pleased to introduce Bhan Home Hug - Orphanage house in Yasothorn of more then 100 kids with age of possibly 4 days up to 20 years old who suffering or losed family, parents, protection, suffering from HIV and lacks of some basic good living which they greatly supposed to have. Despite suffering from cancer, Mama Tew (Toi in TV) have truly devoted her life to help those kids to grow and able to survive to take care the younger at this place.

    Let's join the ride to help them in some way or another.
    We will go to treat them a good lunch to donate stuffs.
    Date: Sunday 14th June 2009
    PLace: Khon Kaen City Pole Place
    Meeting Time : 08.00am
    Trip starts : 08.30am
    Activity time : 11.30-14.30pm
    Leaving for Khon Kaen 15.00pm

    Help needed include the followings:

    Cartoon/tale book
    DVD,VCD for kids
    Household medicine
    Vegetable and plant seeds for growing
    Clothes, T-shirt
    General personal cleansing

    Non Tanwattanakul
  2. Thanks Ray for posting this, I have real internet problems today.

    The date isSunday 14th, not 19th of June

    This web article gives a good insight into the work of the home

    John Gooding

  3. Sorry about that John old age i suppose I changed this one I will check the others.
  4. Two Plans A & B

    I will go to Khon Kean Saturday th 13 th, if some wants to go with me e-mail me and I will sit a time. And return Monday Morning the 15th at 0800 from Khaon Kean.

    We have made resevations for the 13 th and 14 th at the Orchid Hotel in Khon Kean for 490 per night. This ia an excellent small hotel. They provided us with covered parking for the bikes during the Khan Kean Bike week as well as Security on site. I'm told it about 1500 Meters from the start site. We will more then likey have dinner with John Gooding the first night. He will meet us at the hotel on the day of the ride and escort us to the start location.

    If you can't make it and you want to donate to the event. Get it to me before Next Saturday and I will deliver it for you.

    Remeber no one tells meet they are meeting with me I'm just going when the urge hits me LOL

    The Hotel phone number is 085 746-1688 speak to Khun Ja. She Speaks English.
    Plan B

    From Udon
    Those who wish can meet Koon Lucky at the PTT Gas Station on Khan Kean Highway at 0630 on 14, June 2009

    Please let me know if your going so he knows and is not waiting on anyone if no one is coming. That's only fair guys.

    He is going to go up an back in one day that is up to you. You can book Sunday Night at the hotel I recommend you do that immediately.

    This should be a fun event wih lots of riders from all over Thailand
  5. Hi Ray & John,
    I will be heading direct to Yasothon from Sisaket on Sunday and may have a Thai rider with me - if he can get out of bed.
    Dean can't make it because he has something else on.
    Hope to see you there.

    Cheers, Peter
  6. I'm not going to make it either Peter came down with the creeping crud or something. But, John will be there as will Lucky and Tung Dee,

    Sorry about that I was looking forward to it.
  7. Hi Peter, Good to hear you are coming and look forward to seeing you in Yasothon, the childrens home is apparently only 4km from the town.
    We aim to leave KK by 8.30am and expect to arrive Yasothon sometime around 11.00 to 11.30. Hopefully we keep reasonable to schedule.

    We will come from Roi Et direction on 23

    The home and its founder Mae Toi, made a full page article in the Bangkok post this week, partly about the deteriorating health of Mae Toi and how she has managed to outlive all the doctors forecasts ,maybe because of her determination to keep going for the children

    See you Sunday. John
  8. Good to catch up at Yasothon John. Trust the rest of your trip went well.

    Sorry you couldn't make it Ray. Hope the wog has departed.

    Lucky and Tung Dee didn't make it to the orphanage. When I arrived in from Sisaket I saw them at the Rocket Park and in the main street. I spoke to Lucky at the lights but he didn't know where to go.
    I didn't either so had lunch and asked around and found the place on the outskirts of town and got there in time for the speeches. I never saw Lucky and Tung Dee again.

    They are doing a good job at the orphanage and hopefully can keep going to serve these kids in need.
    Good turn out from the Khon Kaen Riders.
  9. Ya I got a call from them I had no idea where it was either. They had a long haul back to Udon so more then liley headed back. Glad you got to meet them.
  10. It has my friend ready for Dan Sai
  11. Not sure Colin, Aussie or Kiwi. Don't think it refers to "Western Oriental Gentleman " though.
    Hope it's warming up in the UK.
    Cheers Peter
  12. I got it Peter a wog is the same thing as the creeping crud :lol:
  13. Colin - while you are there - you will be interested to know that Willy and Pims restaurant has moved - 5 doors down and a little closer to me. They are now in a more substantial building with concrete walls and a beautiful wooden bar that nobody uses. Seems to be frequented by a procession of FIF's. (Fat Itinerant Farungs ?) And believe it or not Gino has a GIRLfriend. I never !!

    Cheers, Peter

    Controller please forgive my off topic reverie.
  14. Good to see you there too Peter. We were very pleased with the turnout.
    I am waiting for some pictures and will post a trip report.
    Sorry for Lucky and Tung D. We waited for them in Khon Kaen as I had been told they were coming, but no show so I assumed they were not joining. I am suprised they did not ring me, I have sent enough mails with my phone number. Hopefully they had a good ride anyway.
    Cheers, John

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