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  1. Hi
    I have found 3 fairly cheap dirt bikes. One KDX250, one cr250 and one Yamaha yz 250. All have upside down forks and are in pretty good nick. They are all 65,000 baht each. If anyone is interested, I'll find out more about them.

    Cheers Rigsy
  2. Hello Rigsy, any chance you could tell us more about the YZ250, mainly approximate age, where it's at and who's selling, cheers for any information, Kev
  3. Hi Kev,
    I drove past the place yesterday. It's a factory of some sort with 5 ATV's for sale and about 12 bikes. The YZ 250 has been repainted and they've done a nice job. I have'nt looked too closely at the three but will drive out there today and look closer. I also will ask for import invoices, Tabian etc. I was interested in the CR250 as I have a CR125 myself which I have just finished rebuilding.
    Stay tuned and I'll post some more info when I find out. The bikes are just outside Korat.

    Cheers Rigsy
  4. Hi All,
    I went and had a closer look at the three bikes. They all have invoices but none are registered. The Kdx has been and the owner (who is away for a few days) may have a green book. The Yamaha is not a YZ but is about a 98 model enduro. The KDX is very original and looks pretty good value. The CR has been raced by the owner and is in okay condition but not great (which does'nt bother me as I plan to rebuild it anyway). All seem to run okay. The KDX has a bit of oil weeping/leaking. I got them down to 45,000 thb on the CR. I think the other two would also be able to be negotiated down to about 45k.

    Cheers Rigsy
  5. Cheers for the update Rigsy, I will be back in Korat next week so might get round to thaing a look.
  6. Hi Rigsy, roughly what year is the CR250? Also where in Korat are they located?


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