Chiang Dao - Route 1322 - Doi Angkhang


Jan 31, 2005
I took a little ride last week. The plan was to ride to Chiang Dao and check in to the Malee Guest House, taking a ride out 1322 to Piang Luang in the afternoon. The next day I would head to Doi Angkhang.

As it turned out, the skies opened up big time as I got close to Malee’s. This put a damper on riding for the rest of the day. Fortunately, Malee’s had nice covered parking for the TL. That evening I had a really excellent meal at Chiang Dao Nest. Highly recommended. The rain came down hard all night.

The next morning the skies were clear, and I resumed my run out 1322. This is a very twisty up and down road; similar in feel to the Samoeng loop. Caution is warranted if you are traveling at a sporting pace, as there are quite a few surprise pot holes and sandy patches. A quick drink in Piang Luang, and then back the way I came.

Taking a breather on route 1322.

At 1178 I hang a left and head to the border. Except for one stretch under repair, this road is in excellent shape, consisting of mostly fast sweepers. After Arunothai the road tightens up, and the scenery gets better and better as I head towards Doi Angkhang. I would highly recommend this road. It is truly breathtaking.

Nearly to Doi Angkhang.

I check in to the Doi Angkhang Nature Resort - it appears that I am the only guest. No covered parking.[:(] All squared away I have lunch at the Agricultural Research Station. The slurpee made from locally grown raspberries was a treat.

After lunch I rode to Nor Lae to view the border. There wasn’t a soldier in sight, so I assume tensions are low. Back to Doi Angkhang for Singh and snacks and then a disappointing dinner at the resort.

Nor Lae border. All's quiet on the Northern front.

It rained heavily throughout the night and into the next morning. By 11:00 it was pretty apparent that things weren’t going to clear. Into the dreaded Rukka rain suit, and off towards 1249 through light rain and some of the thickest pea soup I have ever ridden in. Not long after starting the descent down 1249, the visibility improved dramatically.

It was raining all the way back to Chiang Mai on route 107. What a shame to be forced to putter along through some of the nicest turns in Northern Thailand! Upon returning home, the TL was looking pretty sad. It will be a half day endeavor getting her back to her gleaming self.