Chiang Khong - Ban Huay Xai Border Crossing and to LNT

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    Things have changed from the last description I saw posted on GT-Rider about the Chiang Khong to Ban Huay Xai crossing process. This AM I went to customs house in town at 08:00, then heard that they do everything at the port now. At the port immigration, nobody asked for the means of conveyance form or were interested. At the port customs, I got done pretty fast and on the ferry. No waiting. The ferry took two big tanker trucks and we crossed. Laos customs were not melodramatic. Insurance and Customs entry document available in same customs compound (Lao side - port customs) and within 20 meters of each other. I proceeded to the Migra (same place 2 kms South of Lao customs in BHX town). I had pre-arranged a visa via Bangkok so stamping in was fast. I stopped by a bank and I was on the road to Luang Nam Tha (LNT) by 10:40 and got into LNT about 13:35. So, that was about 3 hours driving.

    There's maybe a 50 kms stretch before Vieng Phouka that apparently didn't get it's wearing course of asphalt a couple years ago. The building the road must have run out of the money for the wearing course on this section because only a base course of asphalt went down. By now, the top of that is gone and the sub-base is rocky but still fairly good road. Dusty behind trucks and such. The last 60 kms after Vieng Phouka is the best road. Also the first 50 kms or so of road from BHX is not-so-bad. At least they rated a wearing course which seals the road and those parts are holding up very well.

    BTW - I'm riding a Suzuki DRZ-400. A very good bike for this trip and these roads.
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    Last week we made a quick four day trip over into Laos and back again and the "means of coveyance document" is a Must. While they neglected to give it to us when we left Thailand - we were centainly told that it was a Must Have when we came back. The Lady in the Immigration office was very nice to us when she explained this and went on to say that it is a 8,000Baht fine not to have this document.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
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    I returned via Pakse/Chong Mek yesterday and at Chong Mek Immigration (Thai) the 'Means of Conveyance' document was not even mentioned. However, while being stamped in, I saw Thai returning to who were handing these documents over to the Thai Immigration guy. I think it is a document more intended for buses and motor vehicles rather than motorcycles (note the box titled 'Crew' and 'Passengers'). Never-the-less (as you are regrettably the witness), certain border crossings adamantly required the Means of Conveyance document for motos too and I will make sure I obtain one of these the next time I exit Thailand.

    On my last exit from Chiang Khong in 2006 I am pretty sure that I obtained the 'Means of Conveyance' document from Port Immigration.

    In June, 2009, when I departed the Kingdom via Aranyaprathet/Poipet border to Cambodia, Thai Immigration in Poipet provided the 'Means of Conveyance' at the border while stamping out and getting the Temporary Export document from Customs. I have the copy stamped by Thai Immigration when I returned via Koh Kong/Had Lek.

    This time departing Chiang Khong, I asked the Thai Port Immigration guy in if he had the 'Means of Conveyance' document. He ignored the question, stamped my passport, handed it back and walked away from the window. I obtained my Temporary Export document from Port Customs and guessed that the Means of Conveyance document was no longer required.

    Anyway, for border crossers in Chiang Khong (and elsewhere); yes, it is worth a visit to the Immigration office in town (up the street from the Customs office in town) to be sure you have the Means of Conveyance document.
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    Hi Guys,

    I will be crossing here December 3rd AM,

    Just to confirm.. No need to run around town like detailed in previous posts. All the documents can be obtained at the Port Customer where the ferry take you over to Laos.

    Any change on the Laos side?

    Appreciate any update in the procedure and where to go etc.

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    Make sure you get over in Friday Dec 3rd, otherwise you are up for a long weekend Dec 4-5-6 with the Customs offices closed.
  7. brian_bkk

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    Hi Guys,

    Can you please confirm the following for Chiang Khong:-

    * All formalities can be completed at the port now.
    + There is no need to go in to the town to complete paper work as per previous posts?

    * Documents required.
    - Green Book
    - Means of coveyance document
    Anything else to get out of Chiang Khong?

    When I went via Chong Mek in June. I just had my green book and signed a bunch of paper he passed me after the office copied my passport and green book.. Multiple copies of course! This time I have made copies.. For sure I will be missing something or have the wrong one and need another copy of something ;-) But worth a try to beat them at this photocopying game.

    The Laos side seems pretty well covered in the posts and doesn't appear to have changed much from recent posts.

    Thanks a bunch in advance
  8. DavidFL

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    You need to go into town for the Immigration papers TM2 & TM4. The downtown office staff are very pleasant & helpful. The guys on the front line at the port do have their good & bad days.

    Customs papers you can do at the Port or in town at the office. The office prefers you do it at the Port. I like the Customs town office staff a hell of a lot better than the port staff. You can hit the town customs office on you way back from the immigration. If you get your customs papers done downtown, you still have to sign in at the Port Customs office. None of it is difficult, just mildly confusing the first time.

    Re the Immigration TM2 & TM4, despite what some people say, you do need them every time you go OUT of & IN to the country with your own motor vehicle. Sometimes slack staff can't be bothered to fill the form out, but sure as hell every time your front up without one, you get a hard time & leave yourself open to a fine or a tea-money contribution.

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