Chiang Khong - Bike Conveyance forms (GPS co-ordinates)

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    If you stand in front of the large police station looking directly at the Police building. The office is the next one to the right.

    All the rest is done at the port.. But you need to do the bike conveyance forms first.. Before they will process your departure card. Also, take note that they all bugger off at lunch time.. Seems lunch started early as it was 11:40am and we were told to come back after 1pm.

    We came back after filling up the bikes around 12 ish and luckily this young guy started processing the paper work and his boss came back and did the stamping etc.. Both were very friendly.

    We tried to complete one of the other forms in town.. They sent us to the port.. Only the conveyance form was completed in town.. People at the port were friendly too.


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