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  1. Hi,
    I hope to get some fresh informtion about the road from Chiang Kong to Louang Namtha. I ve been there 7 years ago the last time. How many hours i need now fot the same way. Is it possible to enter Laos with a motorcycle Honda 250, without a numberplate? I have the opportunitity to buy one with invoice papers and with insurance, but no number plates. [B)]
    I am also thinking about the experience to use a slow boat from Chiang Kong to Pak Beng. Maybe somebody has experience how many hours i´ll need for this trip and how much i have to spent for 2 persons and 2 motorbikes.
    Thanks for your tips, I am already very curious for making my final plans. [:)]


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  2. Hi Steffi,
    I drove thru this road a fu week's ago & it was very challenging (wet season,remember?).
    there is allot of contraction on this road & combined with rain there is allot of mud (also my break pads war ruined because of the mud) & it took me 2 hard day's to get from Luang Namtha to Huay Xai but if U got a good bike & U ready for adventure then go for it! (but don't forget to get speer break pad's because there is now any in this part of Laos).

    From Huay Xai I took the slow boat to LPR (wa over night stop in Pak Beng) & it's a 7-8 hours itch day . it cost me 1700 THB for me & may bike if I remember correctly but maybe U can find a chipper price.
    Sorry but i'm don't know about crossing the border there so i can't help U with that.
    Have fun & drive safe.
  3. Thank you Omri butI only want to go in thr dry saeson in december. Im very interesting to know about crossing the border. When I buy the bike next I have only invoice paper in my name but no number plate. Possible or not ?

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  4. Customs in Chiang Khong say NO bike rego no can go to Laos.
    You need a legal registered bike with a plate now.
    Suggest you take a look at

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