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  1. Up for a couple of nights R&R in Chiang Khong (still my favourite town in North Thailand) before going under the knife I had an extremely pleasant time with a doctor & an active member of the CK community.

    We've been chatting for awhile about the Khong & developments so it was time to meet & shoot some photos of the Mekong.
    Panorama Coffee was our designated destination.

    Panorama is 30 kms downstream from Chiang Khong, on R1155 between the Lai Ngao viewpoint & Wiang Kaen, & arguably has the best views of the Mekong.

    The good doctor had his drone out for a spin & the shots he got were awesome of the mighty river.

    An aerial view of Panorama
    bikes parked at the front.
    The Dr rides a Honda NC750 & has been to Sapa in Vietnam on his bike.

    Sending off the drone

    Some Khong views on a magnificent day.

    The Lao side, looking downstream towards Wiang Kaen



    Phonsavang village, downstream on the Lao side







    a bit more to resorts & river side developments.
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    The good doctor & some kids at the Panorama checking out the drone control panel.
    GTR - IMG_2572.JPG

    GTR - IMG_2569.JPG
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    2 kms upstream from the Panorama Coffee is the Lai Ngao viewpoint over looking a big bend in the Mekong.

    down below right on the bend an enterprising Thai guy has built a resort with a fine restaurant & some nice bungalows.

    The Kheang Khong Coffee / Resort

    GTR - IMG_2596.JPG

    GTR - IMG_2595.JPG

    they have 10 bungalows @ 800 baht a night
    GTR - IMG_2600.JPG

    GTR - IMG_2601.JPG

    the view & location is enough to want to stay there anytime!

    A view from the restaurant sun deck
    GTR - IMG_2599.JPG

    The restaurant
    GTR - IMG_2602.JPG


    The place has only been open 3 months, so is a work in progress in some places.
    GTR - IMG_2598.JPG

    The view upstream at dusk
    GTR - IMG_2605.JPG

    With the owner & his sister up from Jooondalup in Perth, West Australia.!

    Highly recommended.
    Check out the Kheang Khong Coffee / Resort on R1155.

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    The new sign for the resort is up



    in a discusion with the owner today he says later this year 2018 he will build two ""biker selfie statues"" beside the road.
    Wily Coyote & The Roadrunner.

    Should be awesome.
    If you're out riding on R1155 please drop in & say hi.
  5. Sorry, I just don't get it, with the red Indian and Mickey Mouse statues. Seems so artificial and out of context for such a great location. Reckon I would be riding on by...... perhaps I'm old fashioned......
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  6. Pak Ing, where the Ing River from the lake at Phayao, flows into the Mekong, downstream from the bridge.

    GTR - IMG_4374.JPG
  7. If the beers are cooled according to WA standards it might be a nice place for a sunset beer. :p:p
  8. It's difficult to go anywhere these days without finding a recently 'erected' , Love Heart 'Selfie' or concrete Sheep/Cow area or the likes. I guess it's what the majority want. I suppose you don't see all that Crap down by the River. You should see what they've done to 'Pratu Siam' up in Doi Pha Tang ;-)

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