Chiang Mai Bike Week 2010

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  1. As I have not read this detail here on this forum I thought I would include it for anyones info.

    Next Friday 3rd Dec & Saturday 4th Dec the "Chiang Mai Bike Week 2010" will happen at based around The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.


    From the event poster, it would seem there are some organised rides.

    I enquired & got this back.

    According to Bob Franck @ [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Perhaps they will clarify if it is Fri 3rd or Sat 4th Dec?

  2. Just heard from N Comets. Both rides are on Saturday and as Ally found out depart from the Car park, using southern entrance of the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel gathering at 9.30am as stated. Lunch will be at the Royal Ping river resort and there will be a charge for the ride of 200 Baht to cover the cost of buffet lunch at the resort.
    The later 11am ride to the local Wat Orphanage is also on Saturday, so please ignore my comments in the post above.

    Its Saturday 4th December for both rides.
    I will be going on the longer ride and happy to see any other GTRiders who wish to join
  3. Confused again Saturday is the 4th not the 3rd, so none the wiser.

    Cheers Ken F
  4. Definately Saturday and also definately 4th December 2010.
    Sorry about the original, now corrected typo.

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