Chiang Mai Bike Week - December 6 & 7, 2003

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  1. If you plan to attend Chiang Mai Bike Week on December 6 & 7, 2003, please bring a charitable donation from “your local” motorcycle shop in your country to be auctioned or sold during the rally on Saturday or Sunday. All proceeds will go to the following charities:

    1. “Sniffle dog” - An anti-drug program to purchase bullet proof vest for Special Force Police

    2. "Kure Darun Foundation" - Children born HIV Positive

    For additional information please e-mail Lek/North Comet member at: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Information regarding the North Comets:

    Please check daily news updates in Menu " Diary News" at:

    Please visit our photo galleries: Khun Yuam
    Khun Yuam

    Thank you in advance for your donation.
    Wing It and
    Lek, North Comets MC
  2. I welcome to meet all bikers coming to Chiang Mai Bike Week 2003.

    Let us have bikers from all over the world put our hands together to make this a common effort to help the Thai community.

    Your helping hand engaging is worthwhile to our local charities for common human interest. Each hand contributes to the overall reach to our fellow human beings in bringing society into a respectable and cooperative Whole. Your contribution, large or small, will help keep Thailand a safe and healthy place for both our people here and for you, our valued foreign visitors.

    Love to all you all working to help charity together,
    Lek North Comets MC

    North Comets MC

    e-mail address
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  3. I have got your message and I shall contact BMW dealer etc. to see iof they want to donate anything. It may be difficult to hand carry it on international flights but I will do my best.

    See ya all soon,

    Franki Yang
    Hong Kong
  4. Franki,

    Thank you for your contributable consideration. If your carry on luggage gets searched by Customs, you can always say it is your personal item you’ll be wearing or using while in Thai.

    I have a “check-in” luggage large enough to carry a body filled with HD donations from Nashville (shirts, leather jackets, pins, patches, etc. & even some children clothing which surely won’t fit me. “No motorbike parts”)

    Precautious I have taken if my check-in luggage is searched in BKK; 1) I removed all tags off items, 2) carrying a picture of my HD I ride (this is why I have so much HD items.)

    If Customs have more questions: 1) I have printed off the 1st posting here on “this Post”, 2) Information regarding Chiang Mai Bike Week 2003. (This is additional legalities to show Customs all items are to be donated to these charities.)

    I can e-mail a flyer I created for CMBKWK 2003 (English version). I can forward to anyone who needs it for Customs or to present to your dealer for a charitable donation.

    David or Lek, please comment if you have any more input bringing donations in Thai.

    Thanks to all.
    Wing It

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