Chiang Mai Bike Week(end)?

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  1. Has anyone seen a schedule of events/locations for the CM Bike week? I can't access the N. Comets websites. :?:
  2. looking at the posters all over town, and their web site, seems its just the dinner with rock and roll music Saturday Night, I thought there may have been a ride planned for the Sunday
  3. It says on the website there is a farewell party at 700 Year Stadium on Sunday, but no time or details.
  4. For the farewell party, their website says:

    On December 09 there will be a Farewell party at the 700 years stadium organized by the Chiangmai Bikers Group. Contact Khun Bobby at 086 9196945 for more details.
  5. Chiang Mai Bike Day has not been about riding for many years. OK it's about riding to Chiang Mai but once your'e here it's only about socialising and posing for the Thais.
    To be fair many Thais just ride here now but totally avoid the festivities because it's become a bit of a joke.
    I was on the organising committee of North Comets for a few years (many years ago) and several of us just resigned because of the direction it was heading. The club and the organising of bike day that is.
    If your intention is to raise funds and give away the members' money to dubious charities (Police Sniffer Dogs and Bullet Proof Vests) in order to further some members' political or social aspirations rather than to ride bikes, then so be it.
    But not for me!
  6. Seems to be one of the Best Kept Secret's of Chiang Mai 8) I have Been up Here 5 Years and Still have not seen or Heard anything about the Event till after it has happened??? Makes me Wonder why they call it Bike Week when it is only one day basically??? I have never Heard a Good Report from anyone who has been either which doesn't instill any Desire to attend!!! :roll:
  7. I'm giving it a pass this year. Just going to be sitting around and getting BLASTED by overloud music it appears to me.

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