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  1. Hi folks

    Finding I have so many photo's gathering dust and possibly offering interest to others, I decided to knock up a purpose made gallery & offer them to anyone to view.

    bike related albums

    It's not a brilliant selection but it will increase as time goes on.

  2. Well Done Ally :D You have some Top Photo's in Your Albums!!! Helped me see some of the Things i had Missed :wink: Keep Up the Great Work and See you on the Road Soon with Your Newly Plated Bike 8)
  3. Thanks Ian, I can take good dog photos :lol: but am still trying to get the art of snapping a consistently good bike pic!

    The bike indeed arrived back Monday at Lamphun post office, no damage but the brown tape holding the bubble wrap they plastered all over it was a nightmare to wash off.

    The plate is to follow, I am assured by the agent I used, in about a month but at least I have the peace of mind that it has passed the test, jumped the hoops and been accepted for registration.

    Riding these last couple of days has been a pleasure and I am planning to ride Lampang - Phayao - Mae Kachan loop next week.

    Regarding the photo album, in case anyone is thinking I am trying to replicate or usurp this forum, I can assure you that is the last thing I intend. I merely feel that as I build a collection, I may as well share it and also offer the facility to others to host their photos (for free) in the same way.

    Hope to see you soon Ian.


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