Chiang Mai-Chiang Khong -luang Prabang-Vientane - Udon

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  1. I am planning as trip as described in the Head line ( Chiang Mai-Chiang Khong -luang Prabang-Vientane - Udon) next month on my Honda dream.

    would like to have some useful hints for paperwork and if its up to date ok to cross the border with my honda dream and exit again after 2-3 weeks. Any info about border crossings , bad and good experience on the way is appreciated.

    best wishes Klaus
  2. as long as the bike is in ur name.
    Buy insurance when u enter Laos
    assume ur heading first to Luang Namtha than LP. be prepared for 80 kms of very bad roads
  3. Border crossing info on GTR is here
  4. As chiang kong seems to much hassle i decicded to take Huay Kon any experience there with border crossing further road condition to luang prabang ? I might even try to go from HK to Oudom Xai first and than LP.
  5. Ban Huai Kon border crossing is the best of them all. Hardly any tourists at all. Just make all copies of documents before you go there.
    There is one shop that copy documents, but the service is bad and expensive.
    Have a nice trip.
  6. Does have a list of documents needed to be copied for both Thai and Laos side. Are 110cc allowed across. Is 30 days available on HK crossing and is it easy to get 30 days as of February 2015?

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