Chiang Mai City 2012 Songkran Program

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    Songkran 2012 schedule of events

    April 1-3; Lanna performances water pouring ceremony over Phra Sae Tang Khamani at Wat Chaing Man

    April 4-7; Poy Sang Long or Festival of the Crystal Sons by the Shan people at Wat Pa Pao

    April 7-9; Water pouring blessing ceremony at Wat Chiang Yuen

    April 10-15: Sand pagodas, pouring water over Buddha statues, performances at Wat Jetrin

    April 11-15; Wwater pouring ceremony over the Wat Pa-on Buddhist relic, Lanna performances, local market, food stalls. From Tha Pae Gate to Klang Wiang.

    April 12: merit making to celebrate the 716th year of the founding of Chiang Mai at 3 Kings monument. Ceremonial offerings to King Kabilaprom at the Chiang Mai Municial building.

    April 13: Grand opening of Songkran at Tha Pae Gate with offerings of food to monks. Miss Umbrella contest, Miss Songkran Contest at Tha Pae Gate. Blessings of the monks at Wat Phra Singh.

    April 12-15: Wat Lok Molee will have traditional Lanna celebrations for the New Year.

    April 13-15: Buddha Satan will have sand pagoda creations, water pouring ceremonies over the Sirimangkalajarn statue and Lanna performances.

    April 13-15; water throwing around the moat and on Huay Kaew Road with live performances on Huay Kaew Road.

    April 14; Sand will be carried along the Iron Bridge to Tha Pae Road in a Buddhist ceremony

    April 15; Blessings will be offered to the Chiang Mai governor with participants starting from 3 Kings Monument to the Governor’s Residence on Nawarat Bridge.

    Thanks to Chiang Mai Mail for the data

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