Chiang Mai-Doi Saket-Chae Sorn -Praoh off-road

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  1. Our start got delayed today, because my XR wouldn’t start. So we got stuck at a gas station on Doi Saket Road for about half an hour, before I decided to check with a mechanic. Not so far from the gas station we found somebody and he had the XR going in no time and it only cost me 20 Baht. The contacts of the spark wire were corroded.

    With one hour delay we finally started our mission for today. We still had to go about 50 kms on asphalt (how boring) until we reached the off-road terrain.

    The two cowboys I was with didn’t think about the long distance and were running on reserve. Not too good to start like that. Anyway just after the first Chae Sorm National Park sign we turned left and rode until a small village. There we filled up our iron horses. From now on the way would take us off-road to Praoh. It was a very nice ride, unfortunately some off the off-road was downgraded to asphalt and concrete. But it still was a nice trip. Very easy this time not to spectacular.




    We had a lot of fun on those funny iron bridges that carried us over two rivers. It was so damn noisy and mixed with the sound of the XR it was just like rolling thunder.




    George tried out some stunts, that didn’t quiet convince, but nevertheless – it’s always worth the fun.




    In one little village we had a little excursion on a foot path into the hills. That was damn beautiful but it was a dead end

    So turn around and get back to the big gravel road, that carried us along a stream towards close by Praoh.




    I could take some nice footage today with the helmet camera. Not all of it is good – so I will have a lot of editing to do – to make it good.

    About 5 pm we arrived on the Praoh/Chiang Mai Road. We filled up our stomachs with some nice Kuyt Teaw Gai doon and managed our way back to Chiang Mai.

    I shall have the vdo ready tomorrow night - promise!!!!!!1
  2. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Im sure it's something in our company computer and filtering system as i cant see single pictures in here, but im sure you guys had fun again...

    so now i need to connect my own computer and use expensive satelite connection to see waas happening here :lol:
  3. Marco, well I hope its worth it. Let me know.
    Cheers Rudi
  4. Rudi
    Another beauty alright, so it's worth it Marco.
  5. David, thanks!!!

    Here's the vdo link:

    :p :lol: 8) :shock: :D :arrow: :idea: :twisted:
  6. Hey Captain,
    yeah those bridges are damn cool, it's a shame, that many of those tracks are concrete now. I remember this track from maybe 7 years ago, no bridges and no concrete. So I didn't know what to expect.
  7. It's taking forever to download on my internet connection also. Rudi, maybe you could reduce your photo sizes next time? Really don't need them that large and I hate to miss you full reports.

    I'll have to try again when the 'net is working better. :?
  8. Hey David,
    that's really strange - I mean I downgraded them allready, so they show up fast. Yeah the first few fotos, I didn't downsize, maybe that's why.

    Sorry, next time will be easier.
  9. Rudi
    yeah yeah yeah, the smaller ones are easier to view.
    Otherwise keep 'em coming.
    Are you still playing jazz at the North Gate? I must drop in one night & re-tune my ears to some of your fine music. The Sax Bar is a long time gone.. :wink: :wink:
  10. Hey David,

    yeah I'm still playing at the North Gate. Monday 10:30 - 00.00hrs, Tuesdays all night (stand-by for the jam session). Wednesday 10:30 - 00:00 hrs and Saturday from 9:30 - 00.00 Hrs.

    Hope to see you one fine day, I can help you to adjust your ears. Ear tuning is easy, if it doesn't work we can try ear bending.

    See Ya'
  11. Yes it was,, Saxo, looks like fun again especially Wheely on the bridge...should try whole way from the ramp to ramp....LOL
  12. Thanks Marco,

    gimme an XR 650 and will fly over that bridge - the 250 is not powerful enough to jump.

    See You


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