Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2010

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    Coming up soon: 5-7 February 2010

    From the TAT website ... -6815.html

    Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2010
    Date : 5 - 7 February 2010
    Venue : Nong Buak Hat Park, Chiang Mai

    "Since 1977 when the annual festival was inaugurated, it has earned a reputation on par with similar events such as Japan Sakura Flower Festival and the Netherlands’ flower parades. This was further enhanced by the successful flower expo in 2006. Due variations of climate and its mountain landscapes, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival presents a diversity of blooms and flowers. Many of them, originally imported from temperate climes such as carnations, chrysanthemum, tulips, are displayed side-by-side with tropical flowers including exotic orchids."
  2. Been & gone, so did anyone get any photos?

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