Chiang Mai Group Tour. First week of Feb 08!

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  1. Hi All,

    Just a post letting you know that following this thread: Clickya small group tour of Northern Thailand (starting in Chiang Mai) has been organised.

    So far the party consists of Pico and his thai wife Sao, whom I believe live in Phuket. Me (from Australia), Steffi, Pico's daughter from denmark (gathering by her email address) and John as our tour-guide from Jonnadda guesthouse in chiang mai.

    For the tour guide, it will be less than USD$25 per day (the more people to share the cost, the cheaper it is.) Other costs= accom, bike, petrol, food, beer :)

    Proposed date is around 5-7 nights between Jan 31st and Feb 8th.

    So anyone else who wants to join in, step forward! The more the merrier! Photos and ride report shall follow :)
  2. Hey Danielle, I finally made it! We got everything organized so far. Pico and Sao will go by bike from phuket to Chiang Mai and I will go by train. So see you there! Steffi

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