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  1. Hi all. My name is Linda and both me and my husband are pretty excited about an upcoming 7-10 days in North Thailand. Ultra keen on doing the Mae Hong Song Loop but I'm too chicken to man a bike myself so will be riding pillion with Wazza. Given the steep hills and our combined weight, we've decided on hiring a 750cc for the trip, the only worry being luggage! Sorry to sound inane and we're capable of travelling lightly, but I don't see any racks or anything to tie a bag or pack down to. All the luggage seems to be strapped in the place that I would like to take up! Can anyone enlighten me as to whether you use tank bags, back-packs (I hope not) or if there are bikes with racks or not?? Warren has a Trumpy with top box and panniers so we haven't had to worry about that for many a year. We live in Oz. Thanks heaps in advance, hope to meet some of you in Chiang Mai at the Kafe perhaps. See ya, Linda.
  2. Hi Linda,

    Suggest you check out "Norh Thailand" link and Bike Shops. Rentals do not normally come with any racks or luggage but if you contact them ahead of time they could fix something up for you.
    I believe the shops recommended are Mr. Mechnic and Joe's.
  3. Thanks heaps for that. Was never in my wildest dreams expecting any luggage, just wondered if racks were available or basically how anyone else riding 'two-up' coped with carrying their gear. I will email the shops you suggested and ask them though, so I really appreciate it. Linda.
  4. No problem Linda.

    Hopefully they'll sort it out for you and come November you'll have a great ride.
    Don't forget to pop in to the Kafe and get Dave U. map of the Mae Hong Son loop.
  5. :p Couldn't contain ourselves that long - hehe already ordered the book from Amazon and the map from GTrider. Just waiting for them to arrive in the post. Minor problem with contacting Mr Mechanic. Do I hassle GT rider to forward the enquiry via their 'bike-booking' system, as I don't see any other way of contacting them via email - but I don't want to be a pain in the butt to GT rider either. I'm feeling like I'm making this much bigger an issue than it probably needs to be. Just wondered how other travellers riding with a pillion carried their gear really. Thanks heaps for your input Dougal, can't wait to be there. Linda.
  6. Linda
    Mr Mechanic has some bikes with racks on the back. Book a bike via GT Rider & I will make sure Mrs Mechanic fits you out alright. But the important thing is to travel light when on the road, leave most of your gear at the ghouse & just take a few changes of clothes in a small kit bag with you. See ya for a drink 'n chat when you get here.
  7. Done deal! Thanks David, I will do that now. Hanging out to get the map and book and feed off that til we get there! Do you reckon it's worth bringing our kit bag with us or would that be an easy and economical thing to buy in Chiang Mai? We'll have to buy one anyway. Look forward to sharing a drink and some stories, Linda.
  8. You can get tank bags here about 1000 Baht, if you come and stay at our place we can stow the rest of your gear while your off riding.
    Some of Tony's bikes at Tony's big bikes have racks but they only have 400cc bikes which maybe be better than the 750s @Mr.m, they are pretty clapped out. Joes bike has only off road bikes, unfortunately not too many options for bigger capacity than 400cc bikes up here. Wait till you get up here and allow yourself a day or two to settle in and look at the options, bring something warm for the evenings as it can get a little cool up here in November.
  9. Thanks John, your place looks very inviting - sounds like a great idea! I will talk to Wazza as soon as he gets home about the bikes. In a bit of a dilemma there but I thank you for your advice. Look forward to meeting you at your place! Linda.
  10. Linda
    All of Mr Mechanic's 750s have a small luggage rack. Photos coming soon.
    So go for the biggger bike with grunt & plenty of seating room.
  11. Dont stress too much, plenty of GT riders to help you out, our place is near the Cafe', just walking distance so you can meet up with the lads, i also have friends coming over in Nov from my bike club back home, if the timings right you guys might be able to hook up with us for a while, but we will be heading East to the Nan province and hugging the Laos border up to the Golden Triangle and back down along the Burmese border, like i said if the timings right you can tie the MHS loop into the same ride, you would need to allow yourself about 8 days to do all of that though, our ride will be about 5 days, Im still not sure of the dates their coming at this stage.
  12. Thanks heaps John, it is just awesome how helpful and friendly everyone is. We'll be landing in Chiang Mai on the 16th November and have about 7-10 days in the area. It's probably a bit early for dates yet for you guys, I'm just jumping the gun and willing the next 5 months to fly! Will make a point of keeping up to date with the site though and will be no doubt asking questions once we've received our maps and formulated a plan!! Positive there will be no lack of guidance once we arrive though - you guys rock. Linda.
  13. No worries Linda, send us an email a few weeks before heading off just to remind me who you are etc and we can slot you in for a room, i should know when these other guys are coming up by then

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