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Jun 1, 2003
Left the 1st October Chiang Mai. Had a good start and good wheather too. The wheater was on it's sunny mood and accept a few clouds here and there I didn't have no rain at all. Arrive 14:00 hrs in Pitsanoluk, this is like my sencond home here in Thailand. I know all the roads and the places very well. Stayed over night in Amarin Nakorn Hotel 480 Baht a night and had some great Seafood at Supote's Seafood restaurant. Next morning I left at 7:00 am. I was hitting direction Lomsack a great road lotsa corners and very nice temperature. I was passing Keang Sopha, one of Thailand greatest Waterfalls Phu Hin Ronkla another great site. This time I didn't have time to stop over for a longer time. From Choomphae on (a little off from Khon Khean) the road was completely new to me and also pretty boring 'cause it was a straight highway. On my way back I certainly stop at the King Cobra Village near Udon Thani. arrived Nong Kai at 15:00hrs. Checked my oil level ( it was down to zero). Filled up gas, stopped at the ATM and was then going direction Frienship Bridge.
Once there I had to go thru a lot of trouble. The Thai site wouldn't let me in because some papers were insufficient, plus I was not the owner of ther bike an further bullshit. After I changed the officer thing turned out a little easier. After another 15 minutes I got seddled.
The Laos sit was so much more friendly. I asked for permission to take my bike in and I got rejected straight away. After discussing 10 minutes their suddenly arose a new way. Now I started running around like fool for about one hour or more. Everytime I thaught I could get going now, some officer would walk up to me and tell me not to - 'cause one more stupid paper is missing. Well now I'm finally here in Laos and checked in Lao Paris Hotel after recomendation from woofter David. The friendly receptionist told not to bring any female visitors to the hotel - 'cause there's this gouvernement convention on Aids going on.

Todays my first day in Laos and will take it very easy - maybe to easy.
So see Ya'll'round


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Great to know you got into Laos ok. Yeah the 1st time it's a bit confusing, but once you get the papers from upstairs you are basically approved & ready to go, & just have to get 2 more stamps from the guys downstairs at their checkpoint desks.
The people at the Lao-Paris are real nice - get room # 105, my fave & the best value for money I reckon. (Tell 'em you're friend of David's from Cnx & you should be ok....)
I park my bike across the road at the underground car park of the Laos Plaza hotel, just tip the car park attendant 20 baht & you are ok.
Don’t forget to check out Khopchaideu, on The Rock Pub, then late at night (10.30 - 11.30 pm = the last hour) the Chess / Pak Lak / Samlor pubs for a piece of the action.
PVO next to the Lao Paris has 250 Bajas for rent. They also have awesome baguette sandwiches - I've never been able to finish one yet!
Do me a favour & look up Julian Bowyer on his trike. Julian was staying at the Settha Ghouse, opposite the Lao Plaza hotel, just 100 metres from the Lao-Paris.
Sunset don't miss out on the restaurant / bars by the Mekong river, straight down from the Nam Phou fountain!
For breakfast try either the Scandinavian Bakery (my fave) or even the Phonpaseuth ghouse, just around the corner from the Lao Paris.
For the best Internet connection use A1 computer, near the Phimpone mini mart, just down from the Lao-Paris.

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