Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son-Mae Sariang


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Feb 14, 2005
Its a well travelled route and deservedly so, Left Chiang Mai northwards on the 107 to Mae Malai then left onto the 1095. I have travelled this road so many times but its one of the best around, Stopped in Pai for the night and stayed at Farmers which is just over the river next to the swimming pool on the way to the hot springs. 120 Baht gets you a pleasant enough room but if you want hot water you will have to pay more. I said before the three things that Pai lacked were a 7-11, Decent internet connection and decent western food, I am pleased to report that all three problems have been sorted out. Moved on to Mae Hong son next morning, Another fine stretch of road. There were two places that the road has collapsed since I rode here last year but the bypasses are in place. Stayed at Johnny House as usual for 100 Baht, I ate at Salaween riverside restaurant owned by a very pleasant Englishman by the name of Alan, He does a delicious spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread for about 70 Baht, Its worth visiting on a day trip for this dish alone. Had a ride around some local roads, The 1285 as far as I could go and the road past the Kings summer palace all the way to the Burmese border where you can go up to the army outpost and have a chat with the soldiers who are happy to let you use their binoculars to look at the Burmese and Wa army posts. I also rode out on the 1250 towards the long necks but did not bother to see them, David warns people to take care riding through the fords on this road with good reason they are very slippery. I stopped in the middle and got the waves rear tyre spinning just by giving it full throttle, I met a girl in Mae Sariang who fell off here and she was complaining because the shop she rented from didnt tell her about this even though she told them that was where she was going. Spent another night here enjoying one of Alans pizzas for tea. Next morning the nice gentle ride to Mae Sariang, Not so many bends now in fact it seems almost straight after the previous few days. I almost get to Mae Sariang when I get a puncture, I dont believe it . Before leaving Chiang Mai the wave has its 16000km service and I ask for a new back tyre, The mechanic says oh you might get 1000km more from that one, I said no put a new one on for the puncture reason and then get one with my new tyre, What a pisser. I ride it flat very slowly for about 10km and get a new tube put in for 60 Baht.. Stay at the riverside guest house, Back in December it was 100 Baht but they put it up to 140 Baht at new year but it is a pleasant place to stay with friendly helpful staff and owners. Mae Sariang badly needs a 7-11 as most stores seem to close around 8.30pm. I eat at a place called Chick Chick which is basically a Thai version of KFC but cheaper a lot tastier ie it doesnt leave you feeling sick a couple of hours later. In the morning I take the 1194 towards Mae Sam Laep, Reasonable tarmac for quite a way then the very dusty dirt track which I follow for about half hour then I stop by the river for a break. Wow this river certainly flows fast , I want to see this one in the wet season. I decide to turn back as I am fed up on these roads with the wave, Next year I will return and follow it to the end on an enduro bike. Make my way back and eat a Thai meal, Big mistake should have gone to Chick Chick again. Decide to stay one more night then head south to Mae Sot.


Dec 2, 2006
Hell this is an old post but, I gotta say colin were you riding for the scenery or just doing 7-11 tour? You will be glad to hear that since your original post Pai now has the old 7-11 and a new 7-11 superstore. So get back out there and fill your boots.