Chiang Mai MC weekend - Triumph - New Forum look

Feb 24, 2006
I love the new forum, looks very slick, thanks guys :wink:

I was in the city (Chiang Mai) today to pick up some dog food (drove the Vigo down though as I took my Teeluk, and didn't fancy the 150 Km ride back on the trusty old Steed with a 20 Kg sack of Ukanuba) so thought I would pop into the new dealer Dom has set up with Triumph, found the manager (Egg, not sure on spelling) very helpful. He said that 30 odd people are coming up from Triumph Bangkok to join in with the chopper weekend and have a party/promotion at the new outlet.

He only had two models on display at the time though (3 speed triples and the Rocket III), The Rocket is an awsome peace of kit, he tried several times to get me out for a test ride on it, but I was only wearing shorts, t-shirt and pumps, so was having none of it. I will come prepared next time though.....

I think this is great for the Chiang Mai bike scene (and Thailand on the whole), hope some of the other manufactorers are taking note...... we want new bikes with plates, and decent dealers that look after us :wink:

Cheers, and hope to meet some of you over Chiang Mai bike weekend :D
Sep 19, 2006
They did have the Tiger on Show till my Wife Brought it for Me!!! :D . They will have all the Test Bikes up here for the opening so you could go for a Try on them all then. Should be a Great Time. I get my 1000km Service tomorrow so First test??? Fingers Crossed they know what they are doing! :roll:
Feb 24, 2006
Hi Jerry, all the Speed Triples are 1050, the 675 is the Street Triple, they look very similar though. I'm a little lost now, as I was holding out for the new Z1, but I am interested in six Triumph models (all the modern looking bikes) so have some thinking to do regarding which bike to choose.

Road Tax for all bikes is 646 baht according to my list, and all bikes rego is 3,500 baht

The Speed Triple is 740,000 + 19,244 for A1

The Street Triple is 580,000 + 19,244 A1

Tiger is also 740,000 + 19,244 A1

Tiger ABS at 780,000 + 19,244 A1

Daytona 670,000 + 17,965 A1 (forgot to find out if the SE can be imported)

Sprint ST coming soon, but he had no price

Rocket III lost the darn price for, but 1.2 mill rings a bell

Aug 12, 2003
Maybe was mentioned, but I didn't see it... I gather there is a now a Triumph Dealership in Chiang Mai... Where is it located?
Feb 24, 2006
Niyom Panich (Toyota & Honda Dearlership)
62 Mahidol Road

Just down the road from Central Airport.