Chiang Mai - Pakxe southern Laos Return: A Savannakhet Visa Run Part 1

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    THE RIDER: David Unk.
    THE BIKE: Kawasaki Versys 650.

    THE WAY:
    Chiang Mai - Uttaradit - Chat Trakarn - Nakhon Thai - Dan Sai - Loei. 1 night.
    Loei - Nong Bua Lamphu - Udon Thani. 2 nights.
    Udon Thani - Khon Kaen - Chiang Yuen - Roi Et. 1 night.
    Roi Et - Ubon. 1 night.
    Ubon - Pakxe. 3 nights.
    Pakxe - Savannakhet. 4 nights.
    Savannakhet - Tha Khek. 1 night.
    Tha Khek - Vientiane. 3 nights.
    Vientiane - Udon Thani. 2 nights.
    Udon Thani- Loei. 1 night.
    Loei - Dan Sai - Nakhon Thai - Chat Trakarn - Uttaradit - Chiang Mai. Home.

    DISTANCE: 20 nights & 2,000 kms.

    THE WEATHER: Only some light showers, with just one half day with a rain jacket. Heavy rain whilst "stationary" in Vientiane & Udon Thani = I was lucky.

    Had been set a long time ago - as soon as the repaired Versys was ready to ride head off to southern Laos to link up with a photographer mate in the 4000 Islands & hopefully pick up on the annual Mekong fish run. Plus pick up a new one year visa at the Thai consulate in Savannakhet. Then head north to Vientiane, meeting up with a few mates along the way, then from Vte cross back into Thailand & home to Cnx.

    So what happened....


    DAY 1
    I got away from the super at 10AM for the run down to Loei.

    Before Lamphun I got wet - dumped on twice, but fortunately not for more than 3 or 4 kms = no need for the rain jacket.

    It was dry all the way over the mountain to Lampang, then a shower Lampang - Den Chai, then generally dry all the way to Loei.

    It was a good start & I was relaxed 'n happy.

    The scenery was lush 'n green 'n magnificent


    On R11 not long after the Si Satchanalai turn off the "Roots Furniture Factory / Showroom" caught my eye & required an inspection.



    There's some pretty cool tree stump 'n root furniture here




    Contact details if you're at all interested


    It was a splash & dash fuel stop at the PTT Uttaradit next then onto R1143.
    1143 is a brilliant ride but it does have that corner at the west end, just 4 kms after the Ban Phae intersection.
    That corner. GPS Waypoint: N17 23 17.8 E100 20 46.2

    Many guys have been caught out on this nasty decreasing radius corner on the crest of a rise, but the photos never show how nasty it can be.



    Loei arrival time was 7pm after a lengthy stopover in Dan Sai to chat with my Phi Ta Khon friends & family.



    I missed Phi Ta Khon in 2013 because of a long standing commitment to meet up with Aussie Walter from YSS Australia in Bangkok the same weekend as PTK.
    And it was pleasing to know that I was missed at PTK. I will be back next year.

    More coming....eventually.

    Part 2
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    Part 3
    Chiang Mai - Pakxe southern Laos Return: A Savannakhet Visa Run Part 3
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