Chiang Mai: place to rent a DR-Z400 ?

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  1. Dear all

    Just heard that C & P Service in Chiang Mai no longer have the derestricted KLX 250...

    Does anyone know a place in / around Chiang Mai that has a DRZ400 for rent? I want to do some cross country touring so I would need an E or S model
    not the SM (motard).

    Cheers and thanks a lot

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  3. johngooding

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    Have not seen DRZ for hire in Chiang Mai. A lot of Honda CRF250's and Dang Moto Hire have Honda AX 250's
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A CRF 250 would be the way to go.
    As good as an unrestricted KLX250, but straight out of the box.
    If the KLX 250 unrestricted was good enough the CRF 250 is a no-brainer - just go & rent one
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  5. I owned a DR650 when I lived in Thailand. Touring the north has always been a lot of fun. Back in Europe I test rode the CRF250 last year and must honestly say that I was not too impressed; no power, no torque. I guess that’s why this model does not sell well over here despite its low price. Never rode a derestriced KLX but hoped this model was a bit more torquey. Sad to hear it was not...

    I know quite well that Thailand is only slowly awakening when it comes to big bikes, however I saw quite a number of DRZ400 during my time there so if anyone knows a places that rents them out, kindly let me know.

    Safe riding

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