Chiang Mai rental bikes with Prachinburi number plates

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by hansdeckers, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Did anybody else notice that at all the bike rental places the bikes have number plates and most of them have a Prachinburi plate ? Is this coincidence and are this new bikes or just the same bikes they rented before with registration ?
    I know you can ride a bike to every province in Thailand but can you also permanently live in one province and have your bike registered in another ? The cops might ask questions why you did not register your bike in the same province, I know that some bikes registered in another province do not pass the strict check in Chiang Mai.

  2. Correct, many grey imports have been registered in Prachin Buri or Sa Kaew. That's how the contact & system worked at the time. Different strokes for different provinces I guess you could say.
  3. Two of my bikes are legally registered in BKK and have been that way for about 5+ years. I keep getting them inspected and pay the road tax and insurance in Chiang Mai. No questions asked.

    Another is registered in Rayong. but we won't talk about that one. :wink:

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