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  1. Reposting a missing thread

    The Kafe
    the # 1 GTR hang out in Chiang Mai

    a healthy breakfast


    Miss Mot, the bubbly Akha waitress at the Kafe.


    127 Moon Muang Road, 260 metres north of Thapae gate.

    long established & long popular for riders

    Arguably the best meeting spot in the city for happy hour

    more to come.

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  2. Le Croissant
    French Bakery & Cafe-Restaurant
    Kamphaeng Din Rd,
    south of Sri Dornchai & before Ra Gaeng.


    The best croissants in town?

    The newest popular French cafe & restaurant in town.

    Daily specials, less than 100 baht…
    all excellent value for money
    Fresh tasty food!

    A healthy GT Rider lunch

    Something fresh ‘n healthy for Moto-Rex

    It’s popular with the young French females too!
    only open 3 months, but when a place is good word gets round fast!

    A super healthy tuna burger

    Le Croissant is smart, clean, healthy & excellent value for money.
    And if you’re French it’s a top meeting spot in Chiang Mai.
    Highly recommended. Check it out soon.

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  3. From Billy Baht
    Sausage King- GREAT food at very reasonable prices!

    Bit hard to find but worth the efforrt. I got there by taking Rt11 to 1001, then just before the Mee Chok Plaza, turn right on to Chiang Mai 700 year rd. After maybe 75 meters, turn left just past a housing entrance and follow the Sausage King signs. Large breakfast 99 baht, free WiFi and the owner
    (Rob?) and his staff seem eager to please.

    They also have pies and Thai dishes. Real gem this place!
    Google Maps

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    located in a quiet soi just off Ched Yot – Chang Khian Road. 21/43 Chang Khian road. In the soi opposite, nearest the 7-11 closest to the canal.


    a sweet little restaurant owned the fabulous & famous Ms Yui, ex Mr Mechanic.




    They specialize in cheap fast food for Thai people.



    Check it out. Well worth an visit & you certainly wont break the bank with their low Thai prices,

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    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    the best breakfast in Chiang Mai.

    I’d heard a lot about this place & actually tried to find it a couple of times in Moon Muang Soi 1 without luck, & it’s actually in soi 2 which joins onto soi 1 at the end of one = they run into each other…. Surprise.

    So you look out for the Thapae Gate Lodge

    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    basically opposite the Top North Guesthouse

    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    Nice cool relaxing garden

    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    The menu has pages of breakfasts & it’s going to take a while to work your way through them & pick out a top 3 or whatever..

    more breakfasts than you can poke a stick at:

    Frühstückswelt - Thapae Gate Lodge the *backpacker paradise*

    First up a cuppa

    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    my brekky choice for day 1

    Breakfast World – Thapae Gate Lodge – Chiang Mai

    159 baht & excellent value for money.

    Check em out – highly recommended

    English - Thapae Gate Lodge the *backpacker paradise*


    but parking in that tight narrow busy soi – even with a big bike – can be problematic. Don’t drive in with your car & expect to find a parking spot – take the bike!

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  6. Euro Diner on Ratchawithi Road

    Moto-Rex treating himself…


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  7. MK Suki, Tesco Lotus. Hang Dong road…
    229 baht per person all you can eat for 1 hr 15 minutes. (Only at the Hang Dong branch past the airport!)

    Madam Meow – aka Happy Go Lucky – waking up for lunch




    It was a big lunch for two people (getting bigger?)

    But it is excellent value, and service. Sit down, order & re-order & keep eating. No need to get up & walk around to a buffet table & search out what you want.

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  8. FRom HT Woodson...

    Talad Tanin & the best fresh food market in Chiang Mai!

    While I do love farang food, and many of the restaurants on this thread are great, farang food is pretty expensive to eat everyday, especially if you’re paying for more than one person. Plus it’ll make you fat. I love Dukes, but I certainly wouldn’t eat there more than once a month or so.

    I eat Thai most days, and for that I don’t think anywhere in town can beat Thanin Market. Located at the first light south of the Super Highway on Chang Phuak Road, it’s a sprawling complex as big as a football field. On most maps it’s labeled as Siriwathana Fresh Market, but no one uses that name. All the locals call it Gaat Thanin (Thanin Market) because Thanin Road runs through the middle of it.

    If you want to have a seat and eat something at the market, it has one of the bigger food courts in the city, though I usually skip this part because of the lack of pictures or English. I can read Thai but it’s not worth the effort to me.

    The real gem is the massive open market across the street.

    Row after row of food selections for only a few baht a bag. I’ll usually pick out two main dishes, buy 10 baht of rice and two beverages, and have a great meal for two for about 70 baht.

    Don’t speak Thai? No problem, just point at what you want. Everyone in the market is friendly and patient.


    I like the fish out of the steamers lately. They’ll take it off the plate and stick it in a styrofoam box for you.

    There are so many great BBQ stalls. I could have taken a hundred pictures. Ask for “Sai Muu” if you want to try something exotic but delicious.

    If I buy grilled meat I hand it back over to the vender and he’ll throw it back on the grill for a few minutes to make sure it’s sizzling.




    One of my other favorite stops is the salad bar. I love salad and can’t find a better place for the price to make a fresh salad with the ingredients I like.

    I could have taken a hundred pictures and I still wouldn’t represent all there is to offer. One of the difficult things is showing the scale of the market. There are so many people and it’s so crowded that you can’t ever get a photo more than a few feet ahead of you.

    I guess this isn’t for everybody, but I love the place. If you can’t communicate in Thai it might be a little intimidating, but it’s not really that difficult. You don’t need to speak Thai to point at what you want. Like I said before, you can easily feed two hungry adults for 70 baht (100 baht if you thrown in some BBQ), and I love being able to pick and choose exactly what I want. This being a motorcycle forum, most people want a table to sit down at when they’re touring around. I love local markets so much that I usually carry a small tupperware, fork and a spoon with me when I’m out exploring so that I can buy stuff at the local markets.

    Shopping at this market has introduced me to so many different foods I would never have tried. When I shop there now I often intentionally pick bizarre looking things that I have never eaten because I have discovered some great dishes that way. The market is open all day, but the best food is out around 4pm and the place is closing up by 8pm.

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  9. From HT Woodson Part 2

    A while back I got a mad craving for Issan food that lasted about 2 weeks. For some reason I woke up every day just craving the stuff, so I spent that time driving around the city and trying every Issan restaurant I could find. I tried about 10 or so different places, but only a couple really stood out from the pack.

    So, without further ado, my favorite Chiang Mai Issan restaurants.

    #1 on my list is Chai Sii, located on the Canal Road about a block north of Huay Kaew Road, on the east side of the road.

    I didn’t take any pictures myself because there is an entire 2 page thread on dedicated to this restaurant, and someone did a brilliant job photographing the place and the food. The thread is here, have a look, it’s mouth watering.

    The food is every bit as good as it looks in the pics at the above link.

    A sample:

    Unfortunately, the menu is completely in Thai and the owner doesn’t seem to speak any English, so either know what you want before you go, read Thai or bring a Thai friend. The owner seems to be the only person in there, so if it’s crowded you might have a long wait for your food.

    Also, the food was so hot that I couldn’t finish everything. I like spicy Thai food and can handle the heat, but this was at another level. I got spanked. I had a few minutes when I just had to sit with tears running down my face waiting for the ringing in my ears to stop. If you don’t like your food NASA hot you better let her know when you order.

    Aside from those shortcomings though, the food was DELICIOUS!. I still haven’t found better.

    My #2 pick is Issan Laan %. I think this place is probably better for most people than Chai Sii above though, because it’s not overly spicy and it’s friendlier to folks that don’t speak Thai.

    Issan Laan % is directly across the street from the Chiang Mai University north gate on Huay Kaew Road.


    Not much for parking, but the fans are blasting inside so it’s pleasantly cool during the hot season, and there are lots of University girls to look at. I of course have a GF and don’t notice such things.


    They have the best kind of menu, dual-language, meaning everything is printed in both English and Thai, unlike many places that give you a shortened English menu with a few items on it. The prices are cheap, with the exception of a few items.

    a-4. a-5. a-6. a-7.

    Everything we ordered was great. There wasn’t anything we didn’t enjoy, and the portions were generous.

    The grilled fish was wonderful and the dipping sauce with it was delicious.

    The somtam was great as was the Sai Yaang.

    The Geeng Om was meaty and delicious, and was 90% edible. What I mean is that it was only 10% ginger, lemongrass and lime leaves; the rest was all edible bits. It’s so nice not to have to spend all afternoon picking lime leaves out of your meal.

    The Sai Groh (sausage) was delicious but a little expensive (50 baht).

    My only gripes are that I would have liked the spicy dishes a little spicier, but I tend to like things hotter than most people. Also, the Sai Groh was 50 baht; I can’t figure out why it was so much more expensive than everything else. Other than that everything was very affordable and delicious.

    I still think the food at Chai Sii was slightly tastier, but Chai Sii is stuffy during the hot season, crowded, slow and there is no English menu. The food at Issan Laan is very nearly as good, but the overall experience is better. Great restaurant, 2 thumbs up.

    Coming in at a distant 3rd would be “Roum Jai Kai Yang”. This is the one on the moat just before Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

    This is really not one of my favorites, but I mention it because every expat I talk to in Chiang Mai about Issan food tells me they love it. I don’t really agree, but I’m one against many. It wasn’t bad, I just thought some of the other places were better.

    For starters, there’s no parking unless you park in Kad Suan Kaew and walk. Bummer in the rainy season.

    On the plus side, they do have an English menu, though predictably it has only half as many items on it as the Thai menu.

    Here is the menu:
    PlaChonRoumJai-8. PlaChonRoumJai-7. PlaChonRoumJai-1. PlaChonRoumJai.

    What I really didn’t like about this place was that the food seemed like it was made for “the farang” at the table. There were no chillies in anything, maybe 4-6 chillies in all 4 dishes put together, and the somtam was the sweetest one I’ve had anywhere, just loaded with sugar. The tomyam gung had no heat at all and so much coconut milk in it that it was more like a curry than a soup. I can’t say this was all a bad thing, because I think many people would prefer the food this way rather than rocket hot and true Issan style. But it wasn’t for me.

    I also thought the portions were small and the prices were high. You definitely get a lot less food for your money here than at the restaurants above.


    Yet despite all that, this seems to be the most popular Issan place with everyone I speak to. I would say this is a good restaurant for people that like Issan style food, but want it more to farang tastes, ie. not so phet, lots of coconut milk, etc… Good place to take your family to when they’re visiting Thailand.

    I did try Ken Chai II on the Canal Road, which is another favorite with lots of Chiang Mai expats, but I’m not going to recommend that one. It has the best atmosphere of anyplace, and is a great place to have a beer with friends during CM Bike Week, but I think the food is mediocre and overpriced. I posted some pics from that restaurant on TV, here.

    My little Issan exploration was a while ago, not this year. I was so sick of Issan food after eating it everyday that I took a long time off, but looking at these old pics has my mouth watering again. Does anyone know of any new places that have sprung up lately? I’d kinda like to try someplace new.

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  10. The Bier Stube
    GTR - IMG_7081.JPG
    A classic oldie - going 30 years in the same spot

    Loads dining space
    GTR - IMG_7082.JPG
    Top value for money - consistent, nothing ever changes = you always know what you're going to get.

    A favourite GTR big brekky # 12 on the menu
    GTR - IMG_7084.JPG
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    Tuis' Blues Pub

    GTR - IMG_7097.JPG
    for the old hands.
    Tui had the original blues pub in Chiang Mai - no live music, just a fantastic collection of Blues CDs & the original hang out in Chiang Mai to listen to blues music.
    It was next to the Bier Stube for 20 years, but he lost the lease & moved to Rat Chiangsaen Soi 1

    GTR - IMG_7096.JPG
    Bluespub Chaingmai | Facebook


    He stilll has a super collection of Blues music, so if you want an easy night listening to some nice blues music in a quiet environment, you gotta check out Tui's Blues Pub.

    They have coffee, beer, plus some cheap tasty food.
    GTR - IMG_7104.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7103.JPG

    plenty of space to relax in a nice easy going environment.
    GTR - IMG_7099.JPG

    Ratchiangsaen Soi 1
    GPS: N18 46.771 E98 59.464
    Go down soi 1 & when you see Smith Suites apartments on the right turn left & it is in the soi linking soi 1 & soi 2. Wiriya Guesthouse is in the same soi.
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    The UN Irish Pub
    A bright n breezy open air establishment.
    GTR - IMG_7696.JPG
    the # 1 pub & restaurant in Chiang Mai to watch sporting events on the TV, plus get a super meal.
    GTR - IMG_7698.JPG

    The Big Irish Brekky
    GTR - IMG_7702.JPG
    you struggle to get through it all, especially with the toast
    GTR - IMG_7703.JPG

    The chicken & baked pumpkin - another huge very filling meal.
    GTR - IMG_7705.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7704.JPG

    hit the Irish Pub for MotoGP & any sports live, plus get top service & a very filling satisfying meal to keep you going all day.

    THE U.N. IRISH PUB was originally established in August 1992 by Rosemary O’Connell (from County Monaghan) and her husband Daeng Putthawiteree (from Chiang Mai).

    Opening as The Crusty Loaf Bakery it quickly developed into a restaurant specialising in Western food and a local venue to come and meet new and old friends, usually over a few drinks. When licensing laws (yes they do exist) required thatpremises selling alcohol advertise as such, Daeng put up a chalkboard saying The Irish Pub. In 1998, Rosemary returned to Ireland as she wished her children to have an Irish education. Daeng remained but brought a new partner into the business, an Australian – Alexander (Sandy) Cullen. In 2001, after 9 years, Daeng left to open a new establishment. Since then, various owners from various nationalities (including German, Karen, English, Thai, Australian and Kiwi) have been involved with the running of the business. As none of these folk have been Irish, it was decided in 2003 (over a few drinks) to add The United Nations to the name, thus giving the establishment the full name of The United Nations Irish Pub, Restaurant and Crusty Loaf Bakery, or The U.N. Irish Pub for short.

    The current partners are Australian, Thai and Kiwi but the intentions of the pub remain the same, that is, to provide a casual Western/Thai atmosphere with good food and drinks at a reasonable cost.
    24-24/1 Ratchawithi Road, Sriphum
    50200 Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai
    Phone: 053 214 554
    GPS Waypoint: N18 47.433 E98 59.492
  13. Breakfast in Chiang Mai
    another gem of a spot

    The Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond
    The Breakfast Club
    35/1 Soi 9 Moon Muang Rd
    Tambon. sripum
    A Muang Chiang Mai

    A super popular value for money place
    Loads of healthy foods - Farang & Thai

    plenty of varied seating in a nice garden with a waterfall


    bread / pastries / croissants / jams


    Fresh fruits & veges

    An avocado omelette for brekky

    The GF & with a nice big Thai Pat siew
    plus a fresh coconut

    Excellent value for money, but popular & parking is not the easiest in a crowded lane.

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