Chiang Mai Rockets (Bun Bang Fai) 2012

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  1. So there we were having a romantic Sunday ride, when taking some happy snaps on a lake, I noticed a puff of smoke in the background


    Another shot gave us the choice, a meteorite or the good old Thai Bun Bang Fai


    This rocket powered pickup truck we spotted about 2 kms before, so electing for the latter seemed the safe bet


    We we found this marvelous festival not too far away from home and with all the usual trappings of food stalls, games booths, and lots of red faces from whatever beverages were available.




    At the top of the whole show was the launch pad, bristling with activity as a new launch was being prepared.


    The haulers quickly get the hell off the ramp


    and the appropriate blessings are made


    and the tail is carefully put into place presumably determining the trajectory


    and the little stick with a bic lighter on the end pokes out of the firing masters safety hut just below the top of the ramp........


    and presto.
    OK, as every space race nation knows well, including the Thai masters of Bun Bang Fai, not everything always goes according to plan. This one just exploded on the ramp.


    Still, never mind as there is more ammo on hand in




    and still more arriving


    Reverence is paid


    and off we go again





    leaving Khun Igniter, still situated in his little box at the top of the ramp, in a bit of a smoky situation. I hope he has got some good ear plugs as it make a hell of a row when these things go bang


    until the next one



    and some a lot more wonky in flight than others..



    and some just conk out after a few feet...

    I must say that this was a great afternoon which went on after we called it a day. One of the most dangerous events that I have ever witnessed but huge fun.
    I understand that this was a three day event and today was the last day.
    Got to go again next year. It will take that long to pluck up the courage.
  2. A few of us were there Sunday, early afternoon. Sorry we missed you. We had planted ourselves under the Beer Chang tent right in front of the launch ramp. I believe they had more failures than successes, but as you say, great entertainment. Very nice photos.
  3. Interesting festival. Thanks for share Ronweb.
  4. Wow. Fantastic there's a few super rockets in there. Great report & loads of fun by the looks of it. Lets's get a group together next year & do a "group report." Should be fun.
  5. I just had a look at your report Rod and yes, its the same place 'out past San Kamphaeng towards Mae On' as you stated last year.
    I must say that your report leaves mine for dead. Memo to self - must try harder!
  6. I don't know if I should reply here, or post in "Stuff ups and Funnies". I must confess to only browsing Ron Webb's pictures, and being in awe of his great photos. I only realized (with much embarrassment), after reading the above, why it looked so much better than what I saw. We were at a totally different event and location.:oops:

    I saw the lake and the rockets in the background which matched an event at Huay Tung Tao, which could actually be seen and heard from my home throughout the day. No road trip involved there. Sorry for the erroneous information.
  7. Dave - this is a seems that there may be 2 rocket festivals conducted in & around Chiang Mai in early July.
    Given the numbers who have indicated they'd be keen to participate at such an event can you give us some location details & perhaps contacts for next year?
    Any photos from your event?
    All the best.
  8. It's getting confusing! I just received an email stating there was some mix up over the locations as discussed in your original post. I was given this link which apparently was referring to the one that had been held already. Maybe a good source of info for next year

    I didn't even take my camera to the event I attended as it was very last minute and only a stones throw from my house. I had my doubts if there was actually even an event. I have lived here many years and never heard of an event there before. I had seen an old rocket launch site however. I guess that should have been a clue.

    Maybe we can get it sorted more next year?
  9. Thanks for the pix Ron.
    They were firing rockets off in Chiang Saen a month or so ago, all afternoon, from about 16 klms away from the lake. I haven't found the launch area yet.

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