Chiang Mai to Chanthaburi (so far) Via Nong Khai

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by StephenNZ, Jan 5, 2008.

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    My first trip report... well actually I haven't got time to file the report ..l but I thought in the interim I would post pic of the route so far.. to at least appease thou esteemed web master .. and previous owner of my trusty Phantom.. now 3,000 K's wiser.. both bike and rider.. ha ha Not bad in about 16 days on the road.. with a few lay-days in between...

    So here is the pic of the route.. and I WILL post a trip report sometime... in the meantime if I can answer any questions.. just ask..

    If I can figure out how to post a pic..

    Hi David .. (if you are the only one viewing this rambling report.. )Mmm I think I finally mastered this .. and I am glad no one is viewing it.. so I can play till I get it right.. actually the problem was more with the damn slowness of the uploading to Photo-bucket and resizing on the way.. Now I have discovered ACDSee to resize the pics BEFORE uploading .. it is 10 times faster.. so now I will have to do a real trip report...

    Met this baby first day out on the road .. I was almost going to turn back ... in case one of his family were further down the road.. It would have been at least 3 mtrs uncurled.. and it was as thick as my thigh.. and that is thick..

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    Sorry, not the esteemed webmaster but little ol me...Welcome to the GT Rider forum.
    It will be good to see your trip report, asit should be a beauty - so many kms in such a short time on a Phantom. Can you give Capt Slash a run for his money?

    For posting photos, check out this one ... t1167.html

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