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  1. I decided to make my final trip this holiday back to Nan which is a place I have been visiting for the last four years and have already been to once this holiday a couple of months ago. I take the 118 out of Chiang mai to Mae Khachan then turn right onto the 120 and follow it to the 1 a left turn here and about five km later a right onto the 1021. I follow this road for about ten km then when you pass a 7-11 on your left there are some traffic lights just in front of you. I turn right here onto the 1251 and follow it all the way until it joins the 1091, Once you are on this road the traffic disappears and its a pleasant but flat road. At the 1091 I turn right and this road takes me all the way into Nan but after getting on it after about ten km you have to notice the sign for Nan as there is a left turn to take otherwise if you keep going ahead you are on the 1120 and going the wrong way. The 1091 is a good hilly winding road with little traffic, A motorcyclists dream. I get to Nan a 300 km journey and go straight to the Amazing guesthouse where I now stay. I used to stay at Nan guesthouse but found the noise from the loudspeakers early in the morning rather annoying. Amazing is at 25/7 Ratamnuay Rd right next to Da Dario Italian restaurant, A very good reason to stay here if one was needed. I used to eat at Da Darios all of the time but this year it is closed because of lack of trade but the owner still cooks for people if they ask her. I have ate here a couple of times this year but she is not there everyday so a very good alternative is Tiptop on Mahayot Road, It has a white sign up outside saying Pizza Restaurant. As you are heading towards the airport from the centre as you go along Mahayot road it is on your left about 100 metres before the ptt filling station which is on your right. Here you can get a decent pizza for 80 Baht or spaghetti bolognaise with nice big lumps of beef in it fot 70 Baht. The food at Da Darios is quite a bit more expensive so maybe thats why she had to close. Amazing is a nice quiet place to stay and I was paying 100 Baht for my room which had a shared hot shower. In the morning its off on the 1168 across the river than as soon as I cross its left onto the 1169 for about 30 km until a sharp left hand corner then I turn right onto the 1225 for about ten km then a left to take the 1257. This is a twisty road and soon becomes narrow and exciting but is not a racetrack, The surface is not bad though. After about twenty km it joins the 1081 but a few km before that I turn right onto a road I am going to title the 4016, This a a very narrow road that goes up through the hills and eventually emerges back onto the 1081 after 42 kms. I like this road very much as apart from the last say 12 kms it is like my own personal road, You see the occasional person at work in the fields but no traffic, If a vehicle comes along it seems out of place. This road has everything, Potholes, gravel, steep hills, sharp corners and is great but probably not for race reps, I wouldnt advise it on an R1. I get to the end and turn right onto the 1081 and ride to Bo Klua then decide to turn round and go back to Nan the same way I came. Six km south of Bo Klua there is a right hand bend with a petrol pump on the right, Take the left turn towards Ban Sop Mang for this road I call the 4016, There is a blue sign about 1.5 metres high saying 4016 so I assume thats its number. The white road marker at the junction doesnt have a number on it. The road surface at the start from this end is new and a full width road, It stays like this for 9 kms then narrows down. I enjoy my second blast along this road then come out at the other end and make my way back to Nan
  2. Good spirit man but you seriously need to learn paragraphing your posts brother.

    It's practically unreadable mate.

    Think of getting some pics uploaded too.

    I know it breaks up the flowing and riding stopping all the time. But its worth it to look back remember the ride later than just reading a bunch of text :)

    Safe riding.

  3. Good!

    As I am not telepathic I wasn't aware of your shapeshifting into your alter-ego Capt Slash 3 yrs ago. :)

    Now that I am aware of this revelation I will throw up a salute and a hail to your gruff blustering ego as it hurtles past to and fro on the forum ;)

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