Chiang Mai to Non Khai - advice needed.

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  1. My plan is to drive from CM to Non Khai for visa run.

    Sunday 6am, leaving CM, arriving Nong Khai before dark. Take guest house near the border.
    Monday early morning, cross the border run to Thai consulate leave the Visa papers in and get guesthouse for one night.
    Tuesday 1pm pick up the fresh Non B visa and passport, take tuktuk to border cross the border and start the bike, hopefully I still have 4 hrs before dark and stop somewhere between Nong Khai and CM for night.
    Wednesday early morning, start engine somewhere... arrive to CM midday.

    What is the best road to take? I enjoy mountains and more quiet country side roads rather than highways... I think I will drive ER6N (or better options??)
    Any QH in Nong Khai you would recommend? Where can I leave the bike safely?
    On the way back... other road? Where to stay between Nong Khai and CM?
    Any places / spots on the way I should not miss?
  2. Hello Ozz,
    I ride regularly from CM to Phon Phisai,45kms N/E of Nong Khai.About 10 times with an old 250 AX and last time I really enjoyed the ride with a rented ER6.
    I take 11 to Uttaradit and after another 22 KM,i turn left on 1214 then right1246 and left1143.(50 meters before this T junction
    a khai yang food-stall,nice family,say hello from Lung Jack,coming next month).Chat Trakan,Nakhon Thai then left2013.
    2km out of Nakhon Thai,Gas station with good fresh coffe.Dan Sai,then 203 to Phu Rua. Some 13km after Phu Rua,turn right to Wang Saphung on 2140(you avoid Loei).Just before hitting traffic lights of 210,there is a motel to the right where you can spend the night coming back from Laos.You'll find a little more traffic to Udon,but it's dual carriage well before the airport and after to Nong Khai.
    On your return trip I suggest you stay overnight in Wang Saphung and then take 2016 to Phu Luang,left on 21 and quickly right on 2009-2331,the beautiful newly surfaced road to Nakhon Thai.
    All the roads are in very good condition,with some roadworks here and there.
    Enjoy your ride,
  3. Sorry,
    I'm very bad and slow at computers.At 1st sight,it seems Ok. The road numbers i gave you,come from the A to Z Thailand Highway.
    Hope to answer more precisely when my son drops by and makes the survey.

    Cheers, Lung.
  4. Ozz1

    My preferred trip
    1. Chiang Mai - Loei. Overnight in Loei.
    2. Loei - Chiang Khan - Nong Khai.
    3. Return the same way. You can do it all in a day either way if you like & just want to ride.

    ROUTE 11: Chiang Mai - Lampang - Uttaradit
    ROUTE 1246: from 36 kms south of Uttaradit -Ban Pae.
    Turn right
    ROUTE 1143: Ban Pae - Chat Trakarn - Nakhon Thai
    ROUTE 2103: Nakhon Thai - Dan Sai
    ROUTE 203: from east of Dan Sai - Loei

    ROUTE 201: Loei - Chiang Khan
    Route 211: Chiang Khan - Nong Khai

    A forum search for Chiang Mai - Loei & Chiang Mai - Nong Khai will turn up these











    Lots of photos & tips.

    Happy reading. :thumbup:
  5. Right David, I also like this one. Never tired of riding along the magic Mekong,both shores.

    Usually I do my run in 2 days because the AX saddle is far from being a Pullman... 6 hours on it is a maximum for my old (a..)
    According to my schedule,I stay overnight in Chat Trakan,Dan Sai(always room outside Phi ta kon days),Loei, Chiang Khan,
    or Wang Saphung if I want to be fresh to enjoy nice mountain driving through Phu Luang and Phu Hin R K national parks.

    Next month,I want to experience a new route: On 210 East of Erawan,I intend to turn left on 2097 after Na Klang,then2098, Ban Phue and 2020to Tha Bo.

    Do you have any info about the road condition?


  6. Coincidentally, I am also a Chiang Mai resident and I also need to go take care of my non-B visa this week. I am planning to follow David's route and I will leave Wednesday morning.

    Is there a safe place (guesthouse, etc.) to leave my bike while I settle visa business?

    What is the best road map to have for this part of the country?

    Is there any reason not to do this on my Dash 125? I'm no stranger to seriously long rides on little bikes and I can't forfeit my passport to a rental company as deposit since I need it for the visa...

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