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  1. Earlier this month the CMTR donated football uniforms to two schools in the Samoeng area. On Saturday, August 1 the two teams will be competeing against each other. We will be riding to Samoeng to watch the game, cheer the kids on and take some photos. Please come join in the fun.

    We will leave the X-Centre at 10:00AM and rendezvous near the t-junction in Somoeng where we will be led to the school.

    In addition;

    The Chiang Mai ToyRide, Playground Plus has completed it's first major build; new toilet facilities at the Pa Muang School in Mae Sa Valley.

    There will be a dedication ceremony in conjuntion with a Mother's Day celebration on August 11. We hope to have a fun day sharing with the kids and community. I will post more details here as soon as they are finalized or watch the website Chiang Mai ToyRide
  2. was about to type= will be there or square!

    then I realized I got nothing to ride on, my S-wing is lame.

    Have fun !!!
  3. Sorry to hear that Pico. I would offer you a ride, but this is the first time I have not been required to drive my truck to a toy ride event and I will be riding my motorcycle.
  4. words , innocent words, they weren't meant to hitchhike

    Thanks a lot , Dave

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