Chiang Mai ToyRide 2010...... plus more!

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  1. Announcing Chiang Mai ToyRide 2010


    The date has been set. CMTR ToyRide will be Sunday, February 21, 2010.

    It will be another fun day of motorcycle riding, games, food and entertainment. And of course, the children. Come help us help them. Please visit our website for further information.

    We also have some new upcoming events listed.

    Contact us now to learn more about your sponsorship opportunities. Our programs and projects such as "Playgounds Plus+" and "Equal Eyes" are detailed on our Events Blog. Please take a minute to have a look.

    It's about more than just toys! :D
    The Chiang Mai ToyRide has donated 30 football uniforms to the Bo Kham School near Samoeng. We will be notified of the date for the first football game. This will be sometime in early July and CMTR will organize a ride to the the game and a day of interaction with the kids.

    The Chiang Mai ToyRide Committee is currently meeting with staff of the San Tor School in Hang Dong and the Huay Nam Khao School in Mae Wang. Both of these schools have been brought to our attention as being in extreme need of assistance.
    Under a Playgrounds Plus+ Program Chiang Mai Toy Ride will work with teachers and staff to identify and assist with the needs of the students and individual schools.
    CMTR will need volunteer assistants and of course sponsors to make this another very special day for the children.

    This Thai pre-school is in desperate need of new toilet facilities and other necessities such as learning material playground equipment.
    Chiang Mai ToyRIde is currently obtaining bids from contractors and hope to have this project underway soon.
    Upon completion there will be a dedication event involving the children’s families and local villagers. There will also be a day of clean up and fix up around the school culminating in a celebration of games and toys for the children, and a great social opportunity for the adults.

    Eye care, especially eye exams and glasses themselves are severely lacking in many Thai areas. In conjunction with our “Playgrounds Plus+” program The Chiang Mai ToyRide would like to provide eye exams and glasses to some of targeted schools.
    The CMTR will contribute funds to identify and help obtain care for those children who may require such services.

    The Chiang Mai ToyRide Committee has begun a new program that is called Playgrounds Plus+. Upon identifying schools that fit the criterion of “children in need”, and “children under the radar” CMTR will purchase;
    Playground Equipment (as needed)
    Athletic Equipment
    Educational Toys
    Other items as coordinated between the school and the CMTR committee.
    As other needs are identified, they may be included into the Playground Plus+ Program as theCMTR budget allows. As always your donations and/or participation are needed and welcome

    For more Chiang Mai Toy Ride events & activities info go to
  3. Very impressive the scope of your work, gentlemen !

    I am happy to commit 10.000b each for 2009 + 2010

    Plus I and Sao would like to contribute in other ways that may fit.

  4. Thanks Pico, your generosity is appreciated and you are a gentleman as usual. :D

    I will keep you in the loop of upcomming events and plans and we can discuss where your expertise will be beneficial.
  5. Pico
    You little beauty. Many thanks for your genoristy & supporting the Chiang Mai ToyRide "long term."

    Indeed the Chiang Mai ToyRide is a long term project designed to help children in need, plus bring motorcyclists together for charitable activities - helping children "under the radar," who otherwise might not receive much help or support from the government / organizations.

    If you want to know more & chip in, check out the Chiang Mai ToyRide website
  6. Dave & David, same for me, will again contribute THB 5.000,- for the ride in February 2010. Just remind me when it's time to come up with the cash. Cheers, Franz

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