Chiang Mai ToyRide Event 11-Aug-2009

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  1. CMTR Playground Plus! Pa Muang School, Maesa Valley.

    On 11 Aug 2009 (Tuesday) at the Pa Muang School we will have a ceremony to dedicate the new toilet facility built with funds from Chiang Mai ToyRide sponsors and donations.


    We will depart the Chiang Mai X-Centre at 8:30AM sharp! and ride the short 3.5km to the school. The village will also be celebrating Mother's Day at the school along with our dedication.

    The parents and villagers will be bringing flowers and plants to liven up the school. Of course, we will be bringing toys for the kids. We already have them, you don't have to bring more. :lol:


    There will be refreshments, some games with the children and ice cream for the kids.

    This is what was there............


    Come see what you have helped us build! All bikes welcome!
  2. well done and hope the day goes smooth. sorry cant make it! but look forward to the end of year toy ride!!
  3. Just giving this post a "bump" as a reminder. :idea:

    Please come to the event on Tuesday morning and share in the fun with the kids.

    After the ceremony some of you may want to do the "loop" or another spur of the moment ride.

    We hope to see you there............:D
  4. A Day to Remember!

    We had a great combination of Mother's Day and our new toilet dedication at Pa Muang School.

    619560120_wQTus-Th. 619557120_y7rHP-Th.
    A warm welcome along with a dance show staged by the kids!

    We had a dedication and thank you ceremony from the village;

    A snack and games with the children;

    And of course ice cream and toys for all!

    The main objective-




    Is now replaced by this!



    This has to be one of my most favorite events to date! Please click on this link (Pa Muang School Celebration ) to see the rest of the photos and story and maybe you will see why.

    Thanks to all those who contributed!


    Please Join Us Next Time. There is More to Come! It is About More Than Just Toys!

    Link=Chiang Mai ToyRide
  5. Nice one guys. The phots show is a great illustration to others who can see the work you all do and the pleasure it brings to the kids.

  6. Fantastic job , guys . Congratulations to all involved...those smiles are wonderful.

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