Chiang Mai ToyRide Event 12-December-2009

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  1. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer


    On December 12, 2009 we will ride to Ban Mai Samakki Village near Chiang Dao. This is a Kachin/Akha school which is trying to establish a pre-school. CMTR is trying to help.

    We are donating tables, chairs, and storage shelves for the classroom. We are funding the refurbishment of existing playground equipment at the school. We will also donate educational materials.

    We will meet at the Chiang Mai X-Centre at approx 9:00AM on the morning of Saturday Dec 12. We will leave from the X-Centre at 10:00 AM and ride from there to the village, north of Chiang Dao.

    At the event, we will join with members of the Chiang Mai Hiking Group. They helped establish this pre-school and their contributions will sustain the school’s first year of operation.

    Here is some information from the Kachin Village Website.


    So, I think you can clearly see this is a worthy cause. Come along, enjoy the ride, have fun, and Help Us Help the Children!


    The Chiang Mai ToyRide attempts to budget and USE all the funds we receive to help the children. I feel we have accomplished quite a lot this year.

    We need donations. In these economic times, sponsors and donors are all the more difficult to obtain. Skip one tank of gas, skip one night out. What may not seem much to you is a great help to the children. Paypal, bank transfer, or send me a message and I will come get it. :lol: Visit the Chiang Mai ToyRide Website for more information.

    :D A big THANK YOU to "MotoREX" and his three Australian riding buddies for their contribution this morning (on their way to Laos).
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  3. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Dave as stated earlier, I'll be in and donate B 5000 for this event, will transfer asap. Looking forward to plenty of fellow riders joining in the ride & donations. Cheers, Franz
  4. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    You are a "STAR" Franz. :wink: Greatly appreciated. :D

    As a note: If anyone does a bank transfer or deposit; please let us know before or after. Sometimes we cannot tell where the money came from and we want to be sure that we do not miss saying "thanks" directly and adding you to our sponsor list. No problem with PayPal.

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    the happy faces of the kids at the last toy ride were worth more than any thanks.

    Thanks to the CM TR people for their initiative.

  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just a reminder for all riders in the area - you are welcome to join in, ride & help with the event.

    THE DATE: December 12, 2009
    RIDE TO: Ban Mai School.
    MEET AT: The Chiang Mai X-Centre at approx 9:00AM
    DEPART: X-Centre at 10:00 AM
    RIDE: 103 KMS to Ban Mai Samakkhi.

    If you don't know where Ban Mai is, take a look at this chunk from the GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map.

    Go to the Toy Ride website
    for more info
  7. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    The ride to Ban Mai Samakki School is exactly 103km from the X-Centre. The roads are all in good condition, except for the usual construction area before Chiang Dao. Any type bike should be up for it.

    It looks like a good turnout from some of the guys at bike week. If you are planning on coming along, and we hope you do, please let us know here, or send me an email/PM. The villagers want to have a small lunch for us and we need to let them know about the numbers. Thanks. :D
  8. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    Hi Dave,

    Will come along with my better half...
    I think easier to hand donation in cash on the event day -if you feel otherwise and prefer a Paypal or ATM transfer just let me know.
  9. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Thanks Pee,

    If you are going to be at the event, a "hand to hand" donation is easier and very much appreciated. :D
  10. aschoch

    aschoch Member

    Hi Dave and David,

    Just back from an 8-days survey. I will join with Oscar and intend to make a donation in cash on the day if that is alright with you.
  11. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Guys as this is a Saturday I will join, will bring also some Yummies & sweets for the kids. Cheers, FR
  12. werner.freitag

    werner.freitag New Member

    Hi Dave,

    I will join with Mrs. , too.
    Meet the group at the Rim Doi in Chiang Dao.

  13. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Thanks guys. We are expecting approximately 70+ kids at the event.

    We are planning a short break at the Rim Doi Resort to regroup, so see you there Werner.
  14. werner.freitag

    werner.freitag New Member

    Hi Dave ,

    Looking forward to meet the group at the Rim Doi.

    One advice : If you are riding the Chiang Dao Bypass (Road 107), be extremly careful at the end before it is joining again with the "regular" 107 . You will see a bridge going over the road. There are some potholes and the road is repaired , but not smoothly.
    Especially , riding in a group could get dangerous for some bikes.

    You have already mentioned the construction site before Chiang Dao. There you should really go one after the other, again some nice potholes .....

    Have a save trip!

  15. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    We also will be attending
  16. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Well again a very much pleasing ride with some fellow GT-Riders for a good cause. On time we started off at 10:00 from the X-Centre where we got our stomachs full with a very tasty brekkie. Bikes were mainly cruisers, so our speed was lower this time. Non cruisers were David Unk as always on the trusty AT, Ian on his KLX, Pee on the DR400, Tim on the CB1300, Schackster on the FZ6, his better half on the beautiful Ninja 650 and me on the black truck. Had a short stopover for a regrouping at the beautiful Rim Doi Resort near Chiang Dao and then it was all the way to the Kindergarten.
    I hope that Dave and David will post more about what was done & given.
    After some short speeches, presents were handed out and then a local lunch which the villagers prepared was munched down. After a nice time at this village we then went to the border and had a groupfoto done, after this our run back to Bungy's to cool it off for the day. I could spend more Saturday's like this I tell you.
    Sorry I have only 3 Fotos which can be posted as my better half tried for a first to do some shots.

    I especially love this new coming fellow rider, although underpowered he already shows enthusiasm:

    Presents were plentyful most not seen on the fotos as inside the building:

    Kids lined up for waiting the speeches to be over and GET ON WITH IT:

    One nice local guy & gal dressed up as clowns entertained the kids later on with doing all kinds of dolls & things with these long shaped ballons, was fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves.

    Please let us do & have more of this !!!! Thanks to the organisers and especially to Dave Early who unfortunately had to drive a pick-up to get the teachers table & seat delivered.

    Cheers, Franz
  17. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Some piccies

    The start at the X-Centre, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.


    Some bikes



    Stopped en route at the army checkpoint turn off to Muang Na / Arunothai.



    Some riders kitted up






    Shoei helmets have excellent ventilation

    Tim also has a trick bike

    Oscar came with his Dad & had a great time.

    Where we were headed: the Thai Myanmar border & Ban Mai Samakkhi

    What it was


    More coming....
  18. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    We really enjoyed ourselves yesterday. Good ride, good company and most importantly a good cause
  19. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    Few more pics...

    Everyone is pleased

    Everyone got toys to play with...

    Teacher's desk delivered
    How long will she manage to keep the plastic cover on the brand new desk...

    Phone booth in Baan Samaki... And GrandMa in Adidas suit talked a long long time

    I know this pic has already been posted ... However this young guy really deserves the "Toy Ride With Attitude Award 25552"

    Thanks to the organizers who made this perfect day possible.
  20. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The rest of my photos...

    At the school



    The kids






    Ready for the Toy Give away


    Stuffed toys, school bags & a lunch box for the kids

    Satisfied customers


    Sort of satisfied

    Tables & chairs for the classroom


    Fun & games with the clown for the kids



    The toilet block was repainted

    The playground equipment was refurbished & painted



    A traditional Kachin lunch was provided for the Toy Riders, & it was delicious.


    A magic day was capped off with a run out to the end of the road & the Myanmar border.


    Thank you all for coming.
    For the record, donated to the Ban Mai Samakkhi school & kids were
    • Tables and chairs for children
    • Teachers desk and chair
    • Educational Books and Toys
    • Learning posters, decoration and white / blackboard pens
    • Paint for school - playground equipment & toilet block
    • Snack box lunches for 100 kids
    • Toy Ride School bags 100 kids
    • Stuffed Toys

    And a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the Chiang Mai Toy Ride Sponsors & supporters in 2009.

    • Richco Motor Sport
    • AA Insurance
    • Tesco Lotus
    • Thailand Freunde
    • Chiang Mai X-Centre
    • Mr. Peter
    • E - Insurance
    • Warm Up Café
    • CM Expats Club
    • Kawasaki
    • The Legend Chiang Rai
    • Niyom Panich Triumph
    • Siam Sun
    • Active Thailand
    • Barcelona BMW
    • Thai Chit Chat
    • Pico Picolomini
    • Max
    • Code Electric
    • RST Instruments
    • Number 1 Pub
    • Straghan Family
    • Harriet Wilson
    • North Comets
    • Good Print
    • 11 Graphic
    • HD Playground
    • Chiang Mai Group
    • Time Flies Dials
    • Mr. Joe
    • Dr. Sudee Sudsana

    Anymore photos - please post 'em if you want to.
  21. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Not much to add :D . Some great photos posted already. It certainly was good fun, and thanks to all who attended.

    Also thanks to the Chiang Mai Hiking Group who actually started the project and asked for our support. They and the villagers put a lot of hard work into the building and grounds.

    Oh yeah, the clowns are provided by Chiang Mai ToyRide. They are a Thai couple who live in Chiang Mai and have become a regular part of our events. They are great! If you need clowns for a party or event we can supply the phone number.

    I hope those who were unable to make it to this event will be able to join in on some of the future rides and events.

    Stay tuned to GT-Rider and Chiang Mai ToyRide for more information.

    Don't forget, 21 FEBRUARY 2010 is the BIG ONE!!!!
  22. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Just a few Photos I found of the group at the X-Centre on the way to the Event. Great day had by all and the Evening wasn't Bad either 8)





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