Chiang Mai ToyRide Event 24-June-2010

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  1. “CMTR Playgrounds +” Huai Nam Khao School, Hang Dong District

    June 24, 2010 we will ride to Huai Nam Khao School where we will donate educational materials, athletic equipment, school bags and toys. We will have lunch with the children and of course fun and games along with our CMTR Clowns. This event will be similar to our San Tor School event last year.

    All motorcycles (or cars) of any size are invited to participate. You do not need to bring anything. Just come with us and enjoy the event as we present items received or funded through Chiang Mai ToyRide 2010.

    We will meet at Richco Motorsports (Harley Davidson), Chiang Mai, at 9:00AM. Departing at 9:30AM we will ride to Carrefour shopping centre on Hang Dong Rd, where we will meet a representative from the school and any riders who wish to meet there. We will depart from Carrefour at 10:20 and ride approx. 20km to the school.

    Come with us and join the excitement and fun!
  2. Dave, thanks for posting but as a weekday a No-No for me ! Have a great ride & donation ceremony !! Cheers, Franz
  3. Thanks for the "Cheers" Franz. As much as we would like to have you there, it is still more important that the kids are there. Thus, the event must be on a school day. :thumbup:
  4. Lunch will be provided free for those people who wish to attend.
    If you intend to come could you please post on here to help prepare with the catering at lunch time.
  5. Everything is ready for a nice ride to the school. I hope the weather holds out, but we will go rain or shine. :thumbup:

    There are approximately 70 children anxiously awaiting our arrival. I visited the school yesterday and saw some of our completed projects. New paving stones were installed in the playground area, and all the equipment re-painted. New mosquito screens and aluminum screen doors have been installed in the classroom area. The school principal has been trying to get this done for some time but could not get funding from the school district or other sources. This was all funded by CMTR donations.

    We strive to contribute to areas in and around Chiang Mai when possible and not only minority ethnic groups. Although in a rural area, don't expect the school to look like some of our hill tribe outings. Even though the school was reported to us as "one of the two poorest" in the District 4 Hang Dong/Mae Wang areas, it is really in pretty good nik. They have some great programs for the children already in place which is a credit to their staff. HOWEVER; the children come from very poor families, we are told. They will be receiving new CMTR backpacks/book bags, and of course toys, sports equipment and learning materials.

    We have around 10+ bikes confirmed, and we would like to see more. See you tomorrow!
  6. Good on you for continuing this wonderful event- wish I could attend but unfortunately can't get away mid-week.
    Happy Trails!
  7. Meeting Point 1:Richco Motorsports


    Meeting Point 2 Carrefour Hang Dong



    The school entrance

    Goodies for donation

    Opening speeches & introductions


    Lined up ready to go

    The big guys first: a Muay Thai boxing bag

    School books

    Cuddly stuffed toys & school bags for the kids



    The official OBEC photographer
    Khun Nee

    Play time for the kids


    The newly paved playground, paid for by Chiang Mai Toy Ride

    Fly screen doors for the kindergarten rooms, paid for by Chiang Mai Toy Ride.
    and windows

    A ping pong table, donated by Chiang Mai Toy Ride



    Testing out the boxing equipment, donated by Chiang Mai Toy Ride.

    The two committee sides: Chiang Mai Toy Ride & Huay Nam Khao School + Education officials.

    A BIG THANK YOU to all the riders who came to witness the event, PLUS sponsors of the Chiang Mai Toy Ride.

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

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    and here ... i-toy-ride

    The Chiang Mai Toy Ride website is here

  8. Absolutely brilliant! What a heartwarming story of generosity and caring. My hats off to all of you who made this happen! :happy5:

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