Chiang Mai ToyRide Event 30-Sept-2009

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  1. CMTR Playground Plus! San Tor School, Hang Dong District.

    September 30, we will meet at Richco Motorsports (Harley Davidson) in Chiang Mai at 10:00AM. A planned departure time of 10:30AM will take us to San Tor School in Hang Dong. At this school of approximately 73 children, age 5-12 years of age, we will have lunch, snacks, games and a clown.

    As part of our Playgrounds Plus program we will donate a Ping Pong table (table tennis), athletic equipment, games and a computer; which were items requested by the students and staff. We will also, for the first time, be donating backpacks/book bags bearing the CMTR logo which have been custom made for the Chiang Mai ToyRide. Also books and other educational materials selected with the aid of the staff.

    Please come join us for the ride, the fun, and to help the children!

    Click here for Map to RichCo
  2. Sounds great, we will try to be back in time.
    Also happy to see items to be donated, this means that there is something for every age group .
  3. I hope you can make it. It would be great to see you there, and on behalf of the CMTR Committee; Thank you very much for your generous donation. :D
  4. Just a reminder to everyone that this event is happening tomorrow. See you at Richco's for the ride to the school near Hang Dong . :D

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