Chiang Mai ToyRide Event- Pah Lin Village School - December 8, 2011

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  1. This school is possibly one of the most needy we have ever assisted. It is located 5 km from the main road (hwy 1095) up a steep and sometimes impassable dirt road. It is a small Karen village school and this will be a unique event,
    Pah Lin School

    It would not be feasible to attempt to bring your road motorcycles up the 5 km dirt road to the event. Therefore, we will park the bikes at the bottom of the road (security provided) and shuttle the riders to the school by 4x4 vehicles. Dirt bikers are welcome to ride up if you like. It is not that difficult. Sound fun?

    4x4's Invited.

    We are also inviting anyone with a 4x4 to come along for the ride and help us deliver our items to the school, and possibly assist in taking some participants 'up the hill'. The road is rutted and bumpy, but it should in no way jeopardize your safety or damage your truck. Here is a great chance to shift that thing into 4wd and actually use it for a good purpose. I have driven the road with my Toyota 4x4 and my dirt bike recently. (We are being told that the road has been cleared somewhat and that it is now passable with a 2wd pick up truck, but I will check that myself before the event.)

    These kids have it rough in a normal year. With the extended and disastrous rainy season Northern Thailand has experienced, they especially need help now. Join us.

    The ride will assemble at the Chiang Mai X-Centre, DEPARTING at 10:00AM.

    It is approximately a 45km (one way) ride. We are going to park the bikes at a road that turns west off of 1095 just past the Coffee on the Hill shop. That is 3 km past Ban Pa Pae or 33 km from the 107 Hwy.

    If you have a GPS it should be N19 08.157 E98 42.052 We will regroup there and head up to the village. Hope you can make it.

    More photos info
  2. Only 3 days away.
  3. The start at the X-Centre


    Regrouped at the turn off onR1095

  4. 274052=6925-pahlin39.

    It was a fun filled, exciting day. Thanks to everyone who turned up and participated. We had 24 motorcycles and approximately 35 participants.

    There are more photos and information on the CMTR website at;

    All the photos aren't in yet, if you have some please post them here. Don't be surprised if I 'steal' some for the toy ride website.

    Again, from the Chiang Mai ToyRide Committee; thanks to everyone who joined in.:thumbup:
  5. One more super effort!
  6. Apologies for not getting all my photos up in my first report, but a wedding at Thoed Thai beckoned me..but I'm back now & here some more photos:

    Regrouping at the turn off on R1095




    Patiently waiting



    The school


    The very basic classrooms



    Unloading goodies for the school & kids

    Tables, chairs, white boards & a TV with DVD player were amongst the items donated to the school.
    Special thanks go to Neil Dronen who donated the TV & DVD player.

    Official opening & hand over


    Lined up ready for the kids hand out


    blankets, in addition to the stuffed toys, were given to each child at the school, plus a few more poor families.

    Lined up for selecting a cuddly soft toy.





    A couple of senior citizens



    The school principals & the Toy Ride Committee


    Fun for the kids watching a real live clown







    Thank you to everyone who participated on the day.
    Special thanks also go to Gary & Well from Euro Diner who provided boxed lunches for all the riders on the day.

    The next Chiang Mai Toy Ride give away event is on Boxing Day 26th December 2011.
    Go to
    for more info & news
  7. Great photos! All of the organizers and sponsors deserve thanks for making a difference with these kids, and for putting together a fun experience.

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