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  1. Hey folks, looking like I'll be popping up to chaing mai for a few days to pick up my new ( to me) bike, likely to be coming around end of August start of September so just after a few recommendations really..

    Firstly I'll be driving up in the truck, initially it was just going to be me and the gf for a flying visit just to collect the bike but after talking with her it seems it's turned into a family affair, so me, gf, sprog and grandparents now, so will probably just take the quickest/easiest route from Sakon Nakhon any info on this appreciated, will probably do this in one hit, leave early morning for arriving evening sometime!

    Also any recommendations on places to to stay for possibly up to a week but may only be a few days, have to be kid friendly, one very curious and boistrous 4 year old that can be a little bugger at times,
    some things to do and see, or should I say things for gf and family to do and see as I've already told her that once I pick up the new bike then I'll be out an about on the bike most of my time there so I'll keep an eye on the forum for any upcoming rides around the time I'll be there,

    Return ride back to Sakon Nakhon, I'll be leaving the gf or her dad to drive the truck back and I'll be returning back on the bike so any recommended routes, I may make this over 2 days so anywhere you guys would recommend visiting and bedding down for the night on route,

    Any info appreciated folks as this will be my first time in chaing mai, so hopefully meet up and go for a ride with some forum members while I'm there..


  2. Surely some folks have some reccomendations on places to stay etc???
  3. Just back in from a week in Vietnam, so sorry for the slow reply....


    For Chiang Mai accommodation I suggest you first take a look here

    I'd take a serious look at the Tri Gong, a family run guesthouse with a court yard & from memory a swing or some play ground equipment. Being family run I'm sure they would also help out with "the sprog."

    For things to do & see there are too many.

    But check out some ideas right on GT Rider here

    But whose calling the shots on where to go what to see do?

    For the ladies there's heaps of shopping - Airport Plaza & Central Kad Suan Kaew, plus the main day market Talad Warorot & then on Sundays the massive & famous walking street market on Rachadamnoen road.
    The zoo is pretty good & your young fellah might well like that for a half day too.

    For rides - more than enough to poke a stick at, but check out these starter ideas, listed on GT Rider

    First up should be the Samoeng Loop, the best 100 kms loop ride in North Thailand. Do it & post ur photo on GT Rider.

    When you do the Samoeng loop make sure you stop in at Bungy's X-Centre.
    Kiwi Ian can talk bikes & bike shops & trips all day. He's a mine of info.

    Then a ride to Doi Inthanon the highest mountain in Thailand
    & post ur photo on GT Rider.

    Back in Chiang Mai make sure you drop into Gary & Well's Euro Diner.
    Gary & well both ride- Kawasaki Versys 650s. You will get good food & sensible conversation at the Euro Diner. Check 'em out.

    I hope this is a help.
    Look me up when you get up here. the X-Centre / Euro Diner / The Kafe are all good places for me to meet up.
  4. cheers for the info david, just what i was after and i'll be sure to give you a shout when I'm in the area...

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