Chiang Mai Virgin!!

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by mja34, Nov 5, 2003.

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    So most of you on the GT Rider board have probably bean to all of the places
    that I am about to mention but for me I was a Chiang Mai virgin!, met up
    with David and hired a bike, tdm850 from Lek big bikes, in my excitement
    over looked squared of rear tyre, knackered sprocket and first big hill
    showed up duff carbs!, but who needs grip etc when you are going off / on
    rd in the wet!.



    so we set off for Lisu Nong Khaem,


    took in some
    beautiful valleys stopped at Palong hill tribe and offered to by 5 kids


    have to get my pictures somehow, 5 turned into 30 kids and set us
    back three hundred baht, cant believe fed thirty kids for the price of
    one plastic wrapped cardboard sandwich in London.


    spent the night in
    Fang, great dinner but spoilt by the fact David had forgot to
    tell me that we where staying out, so had to by some clean clothes and I
    can tell you trying to find a pair of underpants at night in fang is
    hard work had to settle for a little nylon number that proceeded to
    chap/garrote me during the meal. but slept well listening to rob chuck
    up all night.


    Next journey took in the Samoeng loop, this was a easy ride
    to do on my tod, but accepting a couple of whiskies from some local lads
    didn't help my sense of direction, but made it round and can recommend
    the Mae Sa waterfall for a quick dip. so now have a adult to
    superviseDavid and me set off for Doi Inthanon


    then drop back down and have lunch at the Navasouang
    resort, Khun Yuam great view and scummy grub.


    Next stop Mae Sarieng book into a local flea pit and have one eventful night, in a nutshell great food down by the river, then back to flea pit, walk opposite for a massage, settle in but cant relax as keep on humming along to the squawking bloke in the karaoke next door, back to flea pit again, slide and get friction burns on the nylon sheets, still listening to karaoke, mopeds etc that seem to be parked in my room, fan on ceiling is trying to brake loose, think I'm going to nod of when truck parks out side window and leaves it engine running, finally stops to be replaced by the towns P.A system to kick in, get me back to Chiang Mai please and take me down the twisties , and we do the rest of the MAE HONG SONG loop and the night is suddenly forgotten, this is one rd not to be missed. so my six days in the Chiang Mai will stay with me for a long time, and as I sit at my desk looking at all the suits walk by in the city of London, I am already planning my next trip, big thanks to David Unkovich for all his guidance and use of maps and his book, this place needs to be

    marcus ackerman
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    London, eh? how i miss the smiling drunk faces on Shepherd's Bush green...

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