Chiang Mai-Want to buy Versys with accessory options...

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  1. Hello all my bike-loving Versys associates. Questions, questions...anybody up for them? Here does...

    Live in Chiang Mai and would love to purchase a Versys 650cc. I would like to have options in buying one at a place with a variety of paint schemes to choose from. Accessories..oh they are so important. Hang-grip shields, nice comfy riding seat, extended-fairing, engine-guard, additional front lights...just a place to say I would like this and this...oh by the by I loved the color and effects of the bike here:

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  2. I believe your asking an obvious question - Kawasaki Chiang Mai shop on the Northern side of Moat can do anything for you, all you need is money.

    Cheers Ken F
  3. Not obvious to me, since I just moved to Chiang Mai. Thanks for the info. it's nice to know that one shop will do all the necessary upgrades or changes. I believe there is a shop in Chiang Rai that has some riding gear, new and used? Thanks!
  4. Well Saengchai Kawasaki is the place to start but their selection on in-stock accessories is limited. They do custom color schemes and I'd recommend them for that; they have a deal with one of the professional car paint shops so you get a great quality paint job. For a price, I think it was 6k baht or so. I've seen the above golden color scheme, and a super nice silver one there.

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