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    Go north on the lovely 1173 and about 7kms after Waterford golf course you get to Pa Sang and it is about 6-7kms up some mountain roads from there, you'll be fine on your DR but was quite tricky on my Z1000!

    If you want exact directions let me know and I'll PM you.
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    PM sent. The road from the 1173 up to [email protected] is pretty tricky so, although the 1173 and adjoining roads would be a great ride, I doubt all would be able to get up there.
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    Hi Guys, I'm the Bruce Stu was referring to. I'm also a Kawasaki Versys rider. We don't identify the location of Chiang Rai ATV on the internet or brochures to discourage casual callers. We prepare the UTV's for every booking in advance. We like to try and keep the real name of our waterfall secret for the same reason, it's probably the second largest in the province and our guests usually have it completely to themselves. We could possibly accomodate a group of you guys riding out here and possibly arrange lunch, if you let me know what you have in mind, we'll try and accomodate you.

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