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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Hua Hin, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Hua Hin

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    I broke the brackets for my extra lights and need to get some new ones made out of steel. Any recommended shops in Chaing Rai that could do simple fabrication quickly?
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  3. kandahar

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    Mr. Chet does fabrication on motorbikes for many Chiang Rai folks. Cannot say for sure that he could do it right away but couldn't really say that about anyone here.
    Has some English but if you are there with the bike, English not needed. Show him and he will understand. Bikes are his life.
    Phone number is 081-671-8565
    The shop is located at the orange marker on this Google map- Google Maps
    Degrees Lat Long 19.8707400°, 099.7821300°
    Degrees Minutes 19°52.24440', 099°46.92780'
    Degrees Minutes Seconds 19°52'14.6640", 099°46'55.6680"
    Here is Google Street View of the front of the place and the guy in that view is Mr. Chet himself- Google Maps
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  4. DavidFL

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  5. Hua Hin

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    Thanks guys.
  6. Lakota

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    Heres a link to Bike shops in CR,3205.0.html

    Kogs, Sun Modify

    can they be repaired quickly ? If so pop in and see Marty at CR Saddlebags. He's a busy Guy though so only if you need a quick Fix
  7. Hua Hin

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    Bit of a delayed update. We rolled into Chiang Rai on the 25th and stopped at Mr. Chet's on the way in. He wasn't there so we carried on into Chiang Rai and found a hotel. Called the Harley dealer and they asked what bike it was. After I told them Ducati the guys said sorry we only work on Harleys. WTF? Didn't suggest any other shops or anything just said piss off essentially. This is why I would never own a Harley. We drove around and stopped at a couple of small bike shops that gave us directions to another shop but it was late in the day and when we got there it was closed. Went back to the hotel for a beer and a swim in the pool and I decided to try and call Mr. Chet. He said he would be at his shop in the morning until noon and could help if we arrived early. We showed up at 8:30 and he had us on the road by 9:30. Asked the price and he said 100 baht. Gave him 200 baht and left with a smile. Mr. Chet seems like a great guy and has a great attitude. Can't say the same for Golden Sun.
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  8. DavidFL

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    Good news, getting sorted so cheaply.
    If you've got some photos to promote Mr Chet pls let us have them.
  9. ianyonok

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    I happen to know Khun Jub at Golden Sun personally. I have known him and his father for more than 15 years. He is a real gentleman, so please don't get the wrong impression. Their business is selling and repairing Harleys and it is true, they don't sell or work on any other make of bike. That does not make them bad people, or make Harleys bad bikes. I have never owned a Harley but I often drop in for a chat and coffee with Khun Jub as he is always interested to see one of my old Brit classic bikes. Khun Jub also owned a Ducati until recently. Lakota has given a list of repair shops in Chiang Rai and thank you for that.
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  10. DavidFL

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    I agree with Ian, Jub has been an extremely polite gentleman every time I've met & spoken with him.
    A top guy.
  11. kandahar

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    I like Jub too. And from what I know of him, I find it odd that he didn't offer a suggestion or make a call or two to help the guy out. In the spirit of the biker community, where everyone looks after everyone, it is good to send a biker to a place that can help instead of just saying "Sorry, I don't work on that brand". Jub knows all of these bike shop guys here in CR.
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