Harley Davidson dealer in Chiang Rai - Golden Sun Cycle - A Must Visit

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  1. I went to the new Harley dealer in Chiang Rai yesterday. The shop is called Golden Sun and run by a very nice man, Khun Jub (Sundhorn Suriyakham).

    He has about 10 beautiful looking Harleys in there for sale at present.


    520,000 B for this beauty. 1200 Sportster. I'm very tempted...

    They are all great condition low mileage post 2005 bikes. He also has a clean, well equipped workshop at the back with a couple more bikes in. So, if your mia noi needs servicing, this is the place.

    Khun Jub has contacts in several cities in the US and can also order bikes in to customer’s requests. The bikes are brought in to Thailand in 2 large components; engine and frame (includes wheels and cycle parts). They are brought in through PHD company (Harley shop) in Bangkok, import tax and duty paid and re-assembled by PHD who also register the bike and get the green book. He told me it takes about 2 months to get a fully legal bike for a customer to his Golden Sun shop.

    This one looked tasty. Nice subtle matt black. Vance and Hines pipes, Loud..... with a capital L I bet.

    He told me that when the young local kids are outside looking through the windows, he invites them in to have a look, so they don’t need to dribble outside…. What a lovely man.




    Love the springer front end.

    You can't miss this shop.

    His mechanics are also trained at PHD in Bangkok. The shop is a new building and includes an adjacent coffee and cakes shop.

    Not sure what that old pre-unit Triumph is doing in there... don't believe it's for sale though. Hope it doesn't drip on the clean floor too much..

    Two full dressers, one a Police Special.

    I know Khun Jub’s father very well, he used to run the Chiang Saen Lake Hill resort at Chiang Saen lake. There is a large blown up photo of Khun Jub’s grandfather on the wall, H.E. Singkao Suriyakham, formerly governor of Chiang Rai and shown with his 1930’s Royal Enfield, looks like the 14th registered vehicle in Chiang Rai. Brilliant stuff. Biking runs in their family.

    A prospective customer comes in for a chat with Khun Jub. In fact while I was there, several people came in to talk bikes and have a coffee.

    Julian let me have a spin on his great looking rat bike.

    An interesting ride... sounded great.

    If you’re passing through, drop in and say hello to Khun Jub, have a coffee and check out the machinery. It's good to support a new venture like this, as it has to be a good thing for big bikes in northern Thailand.

    The shop is;
    101/1, Sanambin Road (Old Airport Rd)
    in southwest Chiang Rai city.
    Tel; 053 716 970. Mob; 081 827 6561. E-mail; [email protected]

  2. Nice to know! Looks like a Nice Big Clean Shop.Hope He has a Good Mechanic, They are Hard to come-by now with all the New Big Bike Shops springing up everywhere! Thanks for the info Ian.
  3. 277368=9289-Golden%20Sun.

    The shop front


    K Jub's Ducati


    Khun Jub & his lovely partner


    The adjoining coffee shop

    air con & spotlessly clean

    magazines to read


    a spotlessly clean workshop



    well worth checking out guys. So do drop in when your visiting Chiang Rai.
  4. What a great shop and nice people , a real biker old Brits, Ducaes and Harleys purrrfect.
  5. Hi Friends,

    Very nice shops indeed...

    Down here, the Harley business is trusted by a bunch of happy fews you can find at http://www.hd-playground.com/ . When Thai introduced they are very serious and taking it as a serious job;

    I would recommand a very serious guy owning Underground MyWay http://hd-playground.com/smf/index.php/topic,37910.0.html .

    On an other hand, I was quering about the opening of an other Harley shop in Hua Hin, but never had any feedback, thus I imagine the shop is not yet open ???

    Keep the power on !
  6. A ' BIG ' thumbs-up to the Golden Sun Cycle shop in Chiang Rai -- it looks very impressive. The only trouble is, I don't live anywhere near Chiang Rai.....
    I also notice from the pictures that they/you have a 95th Anniversary Fatboy for sale. I've looked to see if the shop has a website but can't find one. Anybody up there know if it's still available and if so, how much please ? On hindsight, I suppose I should really call them :clap:.
  7. I couldn't contain myself any longer so I contacted the shop about the 95th anniversary Fat Boy shown in the photo's. Drat, it turned out to be a customer's bike in for service. I asked for a list of bikes for sale and was surprised to read that they do not have any H-D for sale BUT will be getting 10 new 48 Sportster's on the 15th of January...not quite my cup of tea so I'll just have to be patient.
  8. I met Jub about 2 weeks ago..... smashing feller. Unfortunately the impressive line-up he had when Ian photographed them for this thread has long since gone...... yep, all he has in the showroom now is about 5 or 6 customers bikes! I was after the XR1200 but a Thai guy bought it and immediately wrecked it!
  9. We were up in CR this week and a Mates HD wouldn't start in the Morning so We gave Golden Sun Cycle a Call and they sent a couple of Guys around to Our Hotel. No Luck so We moved to their Shop which is really well presented and His staff set to work tracing down the Problem which turned out to be a Flattened O-Ring in the Fuel Pump. This took a few Hours to trace but the got everything back together with a New O-Ring and in top shape in the Afternoon and after Hours of Work the Bill was a mere 2000 baht! Jub was a Lovely Host and very friendly and His Lovely Wife provided Cold Drinks and Ice Towels for everyone! Excellent Service. So with the Job Done ready to go but unfortunately My Mate had finished 1/2 a Bottle of Jack Daniels while waiting so decided to spend another Night in CR!!!
    Handy to know there is a Decent Harley service if needed though
  10. Rode a Sporty a few years ago in Thailand and Thais couldn,t say a nice word about it. Nowadays Sportys everywhere.
  11. Wow looks like a nice shop. I hope it's around for a few years when I am old enough for a HD... :p
  12. Sorry, forgive my ignorance; "Sporty" is Harley-speak for Sportster? Or you used to ride a sport bike?

    Someone called me a "bikey" recently and I'm still trying to figure out if it's an insult or a compliment ;)

    Happy Trails!!

  13. Harley talk.
  14. Have to agree Ian the shop is well presented and the mechanics knew what they were doing. Its a shame we don't' have the same type of service here in CM. There is hope with the new guy in Doi Saket, an expat Thai returning here after many years working in a the U.S , a certified Harley
    mechanic will be very busy.
  15. Tony you better stick with the Jap bikes mate.

    A Sporty is an acronym for a small Harley, as opposed to a sport bike.
    I have both as well as lot of great different styles for over 40 years.
    To get out on bikes and ride is the goal here!
    No posturing or posing.
  16. The new Chiang Mai shop is called Biker House. Run by AJ, it is just being fitted out now. When his wife joins him from the US, he will also open a coffee shop there. It is on the 118 Chiang Rai road. If you pass the PTT station, just after the 121 junction heading out of town, take the first U turn, it is shortly on your left just after an LPG gas station. No shop sign yet as not open for full business. When open I will post picture of the shop. If you wish to talk with AJ in the meantime you can reach him on 0807930501.
  17. Is Golden Sun Cycle Shop in Chiang Rai still open for business ? Way back in December I asked for a list of H-D for sale and also suggested they get a website up and running so the world ( and Thailand ) can see what they have available. Business by word-of-mouth is OK for the surrounding area but why not advertise your business nationwide ? Just a thought.....
  18. Was in to see Khun Jub yesterday, the Harley Sportsters,all 2013 models as a limited edition were all sold in 3 days...10 bikes all sold! He has another Model 48 Sporty (16" Wheels F+R) there now with the same retro metal flake paint.

    As an aside a friend dropped his FXR not far from Tha Thon on a group ride that I was on, a couple of days ago, a tough [email protected] he is, rode it all the way back to CR with a fractured wrist, the bike and him survived with only minor injuries thankfully.

    As he couldn't use the clutch due to the wrist injury we stopped at a Caltex in CR and Taxied him to a hospital for repair and K.Jubs guys come and rode the bike to his shop for repairs. Very good service I thought and I would trust them for my bike service etc.
  19. Bump for Brian Bkk

    These are the guys in Chiang Rai - top people & service.
  20. Jub got me some Avon Roadrider tyres recently. I thought impossible to find here, but he got them from BKK, within 24 hours. Superb service.
  21. Good tires! What size & how much, if you do't mind me asking?

  22. They are;
    100/90-19 57V 3800 Baht + 450 Baht tube
    120/90-18 65V 4500 Baht + 500 Baht tube
    & 300 baht shipping from BKK.
    Jub's contact brings tyres in by container regularly.
  23. Wow, not bad #'s for Thailand. This is good to know for future tire purchases. Thanks again Ianyonok!


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